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Write an 1500 - 2000 words essay that describes apratical scenario of applying one or all of the Bayesian approaches, presentedduring these lectures, to your own research. Here are few starting points: Tryto formulate at least one quantitative research question / problem that couldbe solved with both Bayesian and traditional frequentistic modeling. Describehow you would use Bayesian modeling to solve the problem: Write about themethod (including at least description of real or fictive sample, datacollection, statistical procedures and which one of the Bayesian modelingapproaches you choose to use). Compare traditional frequentistic and Bayesianmodeling approach considering solving the problem(s). Try to ponder pros andcoins of both approaches. Memorize lectures and read articles, at least thoseprovided in the course. Refer to them using references.

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Evaluation for this course is based on a final, 2000 words essay. The essay should be scholarly written, with sound economic reasoning, relevant empirical material, and appropriate bibliographical references. The theme of the essay will be chosen by the student, in agreement with the professor, either from a list of topics circulated at the beginning of the semester, or proposed by the student.

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Students must submit one 2000 words essay (due one week after the end of the spring term)

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