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God Stories are a great way to share how an extraordinary God has moved in the lives of ordinary people. Take a moment to write a 2 to 3 paragraph story of how God has moved in your life.

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"Last year I received a $500 scholarship from Sallie Mae just for writing a simple 3 paragraph story about why I would like to earn the scholarship. I was contacted 1 month later and was told that I would be receiving a $500 scholarship! It doesn't seem like much for a college scholarship, but $500 paid for a semester and all of my books. I will definately try to earn another scholarship, just by filling out some information and writing a few things about myself! There's no reason not to try! "

Write a 3 paragraph story about your school day

No matter the wording anybody puts in to it, it should never have been taken away and i'm not going to sugar coat your 3 paragraph story because you're a staffer (though i love everything you do). For most people the Photos app was an update, and after the update the Chromecast button is gone. It's that simple.

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One fictional 3 paragraph story for each month is included in this pack

But people, and life, can't be captured in a 3 paragraph story

Maybe not so important if your writing one 3 paragraph story about a cool event

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Eric and I are doing a little 3 paragraph story generator for the ProcJam

I felt like I could breathe once again