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When viewing a Virtual Convention, at least 1 keynote/general Session and a variety of break-out sessions should be selected for viewing. The applicant should then write a 300 word paper on the keynote/general session viewed, and a 150 word paper on each break-out session viewed. The papers should include the session title, speaker, date and a brief summary of each session. The applicant should express how ideas, concepts, or research from the session might be incorporated into his/her teaching or practice, along with any meaningful critiques of the session.

How many written pages is a 300 word paper

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Black Market Mobilities: Clandestine Trades in Traffic in the Middle East, 1880-1940
This panel will explore the relationship between clandestine patterns of commerce, smuggling of goods (licit and illicit), and changing regulatory regimes in the Middle East and its diasporas circa 1880-1940. Collectively, these papers illustrate two global countervailing pressures: the intensification of migration within and beyond the Middle East, and increasingly rigorous attempts by Middle Eastern and other states to regulate human traffic and curb clandestine trades. Paper 1 examines illicit human trafficking in the Syrian American diaspora during WWI. As nominal Ottoman subjects living in the United States as "enemy nationals," Syrian immigrants often resorted to falsification of passports to enlist in the armed forces, escape the draft, or cross the border into Mexico. Paper 2 investigates the development of illicit trafficking of silk, heroin, and people among the Sephardic diaspora in and beyond interwar Mexico. Sephardi smuggling networks that spanned the Mediterranean and Caribbean enabled once-Ottoman Jews to circumvent legal regimes at local, national, and international levels that outlawed their movements and merchandise. We are seeking 2 more papers that work with the themes of smuggling, clandestine migration, informal/illicit commerce, and notions of legality in the Middle East or its diasporas. We would especially encourage papers which focus on documentary regimes or other facets of regulation/restriction of trade by the state. If you are interested in joining this panel, please submit a 250-300 word paper abstract and a brief bio to both organizers.
Stacy Fahrenthold and Devi Mays
January 31, 2015

(1) write a 200-300 word paper proposal (due in hard copy in class on 10/05)
The applicant should then write a 300 word paper on the keynote/general session viewed, and a 150 word paper on each break-out session viewed

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Please submit 250-300 word paper proposals (with at least three potential sources listed) along with brief biographical information to Dr

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