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I saw your list of 100 adjectives, and you actually made my day as I was looking for some adjectives that described me for my college application! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And in case you were wondering, I singlehandedly pulled your number of hugs up to 3000 since you have helped me sooooo much!

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And what, do you believe, are 4 adjectives that would describe ME?

Interesting question. Is a man a male poet first or just a poet? I ask because I am as interested in male identity as I am in African-American cultural identity. But just as being a poet is always state of change/becoming, for me the adjectives that describe me as a poet are also always changing. Based on my work, few would describe me as a “Southern poet” but I was born in the South. I’d like to write more about the subject not because it will narrow the “kind” of poet I am (Black, male, cultural etc), but because it will broaden it.

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I'm a Chinese/Taiwanese-American, born in Taiwan, raised on Long Island, went to college in Philadelphia, tried Wall Street and then moved to the California Bay Area to work in high tech in 1990. I'm a recent dad and husband. Other adjectives that describe me include: son, brother, geek, DIYer, manager, teacher, tinkerer, amateur horologist, gay, and occasional couch potato. I write for about 5 different blogs including 8Asians. When not doing anything else, I like to challenge people's preconceived notions of who I should be.

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French, like English, has definite and indefinite articles. You may be asking: wait, English has what, now? You can speak English all day long and never stop to think about all the articles you're using. Articles are a kind of adjective, which is to say they describe nouns. Handsome, witty and intelligent are all adjectives that describe me.
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A few adjectives echoed in my head over my last encounter with a high official, a U.S. Consul General. The memory reminded me of many previous times when I introduced myself, but had the feeling I was giving an incomplete answer. Therefore, I decided to write this blog and give a complete account of three adjectives that describe me. I am not speaking about one of the most fundamental American questions, “What do you do?” in terms of skills as a programmer, as Tim Ferris called it an Epidemic of job descriptions as self-descriptions. I strongly feel that this question is about the identity of who we are, our thoughts, and our feelings that drive daily life decisions.

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Hi there. It’s me. I’m doing some branding homework for my business because some crazy lady in pajamas told me to. (It seemed like a good idea at the time.) What I would like to get from you: ten adjectives that describe me, in your view. Please be kind but truthful. There may be beer involved for you if you can get these to me in 48 hours. You have complete friendship immunity for your ten words – I won’t ever hold them against you. Thank you for your support!

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Ever been promised a meal that will charm your pants off? This was what I was expecting when I stopped by EVOO – Cuisine Soignée the other day for lunch. Soigné, what does it mean? Elegant, sexy, well-groomed, sleek, all adjectives that describe me when I clean up nice nice for a date with my […]