Advantages of Arranged Marriages:

Statistics indicate advantages of arranged marriage include fewer divorces. While the divorce rate for first-time newlyweds in the United States is nearly 50% before the first ten years, couples whose marriages were prearranged experience greater longevity. When it comes to choosing a suitable mate, fathers and mothers may really know best. Parents may possess the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of their own child's character and nature to choose a suitable life partner. In certain cultures, if the bride's family has a close relationship with the groom's, her parents are well aware of the socioeconomic status, belief system, or genetic makeup. The goal for both families is to enter into a contract that will prove to be permanent. Permanency ensures that both the bride and groom's parents and siblings will enjoy a long lasting familial and in some cases, entrepreneurial relationship. Intermarriage is not uncommon between two or three families that enjoy the advantages of arranged marriage. In such cultures, divorce is viewed as an insult to both families, as it not only breaks the covenant between husband and wife, but also between two clans or castes that have invested money, possessions and pride into the union contracted while the children were just infants.

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages

advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages in islam?

advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages in islam

Before we delve into the advantages of arranged marriages it is first important to consider the forms that arrange marriages take in Asian societies such as that of India.

Advantages of arranged marriage :

I guess that one of the advantages of an arranged marriage is that the family is proud of you. If this is more important to someone than to be with a person one knows (and loves), well this is really, really way too far from the areas I can talk about.

Advantages of arranged marriage :
· The main disadvantage of Arranged marriages in Hinduism (especially in India) is the dowry system

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In case of such problems, better to wait until bhadaka, maraka and 12th lord dasa or bukthi period is over. And the problem goes away automatically. The advantage of arranged marriage, supporters from boy / girl side, keep talking and buy more and more time, and in the meantime, the malefic bukthi period would be over. Since such option is not avaiable in love marriage, it can end up in divorce so fast, if the person is running maraka, bhadaka dasa or bukthi period.

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Paths become soothing when there is someone who accompanies you throughout. Life is a path which is combination of flowers and stones. The flowers congratulate you on your success while stones laugh at your failure. But success and failure seems significant when there is someone, whom with you can share your victory and defeat because if that special person is with you then those dangerous stones hurt less and those flowers smile more. It is not easy to find that “someone” in life because devoting yourself completely for that one person matters a lot. Marriage is one of the kinds that brings two soul mates together and unite their different paths as one. There are two types of marriage; love marriage and arranged marriage. The basic idea of love marriage is that two people choose to be together without involvement of third party while arranged marriage is something which is planned by two families to bind their children in a relationship. Success and failure of both types of marriage depend entirely upon the behavior and understanding of persons involved. So it is intricate to say which is more successful however I am more inclined towards arranged marriage. So here are some substantial points which explain the advantages of arranged marriage.

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Speaking on that concept, the advantages of arranged marriage (also called a Pragmatic Marriage) take on a whole new meaning when you have no rights, no money, and no food. Futher in many cultures religious and traditional views prevent, minimize, or restict dating, courtship, and engagement practices severely. Even being seen with a man as an unwed women can be cause for a maximum penalty of death in parts of the middle east which employ "Religious Police Units". Other factors in nations with arranged marriage practices (although immigrants may traditionally practice this), including legalized polygamy, no family court system, no means for legal divorce (at least no means of divorce iniatied by a woman).