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The Behemoth roller coaster is a steel coaster located in Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. This particular coaster is a Hyper Coaster which has been designed and constructed by a company in Switzerland called Bolliger & Mabillard. The Behemoth is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the whole of Canada. After a year and a half of preparation and development, Behemoth debuted in May of 2008.
The Behemoth’s high speeds and tall heights coupled with rapid changes in both directions and elevations means it is one of the most aggressive thrills in the entire park. Since the Behemoth is so fast and not too long it has a high turnover of passengers per hour making it one of the most efficient rides the park has ever seen. The Behemoth also has a very unique seating arrangement, in fact the seating arrangement has never before been used on any other coaster of this type, it ensures every rider has an awesome view that doesn’t compare with any other roller coaster!
The Behemoth will provide each and every rider with an experience lasting just over three minutes, each rider is also subjected to speeds of 125km/h or 77mp/h speeds, these monstrous speeds are achieved in a staggering 3.9 seconds, once the coaster is up to speed there are five air-time hills giving the rider a feeling of weightlessness then a hammerhead turn and two helixes follow after that!
The Behemoth has no minimum age requirement but it does have a height requirement that needs to be met before your allowed to use this awesome roller coaster, you have to reach the height of 137com or 54 inches otherwise you will have to watch from the side lines. Some people over a certain weight and size are also not allowed to ride this roller coaster as it may cause instability on the track.
Overall if you are looking for a ride after which you need to change your undies, this could be the one for you, there is plenty of airtime for you to feel like you are falling out of the train as well. We think this ride is absolutely awesome and deserves your time if your close by!

Behemoth Roller Coaster Canada's Wonderland

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Last week, I spent a good day’s worth at . Aside from the screaming children, the huge water park, and the cotton candy, the eye catcher of the day would have to be the terrifying “I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE TODAY” Behemoth roller coaster.

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The Behemoth roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland. Probably the steepest and fastest roller coaster in Canada. For more on Behemoth and the other roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland, visit

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The Behemoth roller coaster

Behemoth roller coaster, located at Canada's Wonderland.

Cadieux, his hair buzzed close to the scalp, walked up to the driver-side window. Orbst noticed he was pulled over near Canada’s Wonderland and through his windshield could see the twisting tracks of the Behemoth roller coaster.

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At Canada's Wonderland you’ll find more than 65 rides including 15 roller coasters. The biggest roller coaster is the Behemoth Roller Coaster which features a 3 minute ride at up to 77 miles an hour with 85 degree inclines.

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