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Are the suburbs just for families? Many of us think that moving to the suburbs happens when there is a baby on the way. This sure could be a reason for many people because a new member in the family means living space expansion would be required. So, one main reason for many of us to move to the suburbs is the need for more space. Most big cities in the US are quite expensive and many live in a smaller apartments. For young and single people, 350 sq feet are often more than enough because they love the city life. Some of those hard-core city dwellers cannot survive without the 24 hours food hubs, the “city buzz” (or constant mix of vehicles and peoples’ noises), so sending those people to the suburbs would equal a death sentence. Why moving to the suburbs they would ask when there it is quiet like in a cemetery. Plus, they can give you tons of other benefits of living in the city, but for those we will talk later.

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However, the benefits of living in the city don't always compare with the benefits of living in the suburbs. And if your family is already settled in the city, the idea of packing up your whole life and moving can be overwhelming, but there are ways to alleviate the hassle. For example, you can hire a professional moving company to make your move easy, such as .

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Living in the Presidio is a distinct lifestyle decision. It is a very unique situation, and I feel that the other (across the board) negative reviews only really tell half the story. The management company is amazingly inflexible, and the rental process indeed is a chore; at the same time this reflects the challenges of working with the Federal Government, the staff really do want to do what is best for their tenants. (Imagine having the IRS as your roommate)
For me the one-time hassle of moving into the Presidio is more than mitigated by a stunning location that has the benefits of living in the suburbs (clean air, open space, parking) with the benefits of living in the city (30 minutes to downtown, bars/restaurants within walking distance, culture, etc.) without really the costs of either, aside from the slightly above market rent. Few things in life compare to sitting on your patio and watching the fog creep over the Golden Gate Bridge, walking down to Chrissy Field at 4a in the morning when jet lagged, or running through a field of wildflowers less than an hour before being at a meeting downtown. Although I probably would not move back because my life is in a different place now, i.e. I want to buy after finished with grad school, I strongly recommend considering the Presidio if this type of lifestyle appeals to you.

One of the benefits of living in the city is the gallery openings. For the uninitiated, gallery openings not only provide a way to see […]
Benefits of Living in the City

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No family with the desire to live in an urban core expects a single-family home with a yard—and if they do, the city is likely not for them. But there are many families that do accept a trade off in square footage for the benefits of living in the city. Such urban-oriented families and supporting activities are profiled on websites in , and . These families are willing to accept a smaller home and little-to-no private green space in exchange for culture, amenities, increased autonomy, and access to some of the world’s greatest parks. That does not mean that they should have to cram families of three or four into one and two bedroom apartments and condos.

For some the benefits of living in the city will be enough of a lure but for others, a turn-off.

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At present, locals prefer buying house and lots in suburbs compared to congested apartments in the city. The countryside and farmlands are also significantly cheaper and people get all the benefits of living in the city without the noise and hassle.

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Irvington Gas Company has been associated with the natural gas industry since 1963. They operate the natural gas system in the city of Irvington. Since they have the tools necessary for running gas mains, they decided to do the same using Propane. When the price of steel increased, they started looking for ways to better serve a community. They found land developers that wanted the convenience of gas but did not want tanks that could become unsightly if not properly maintained. Their engineers started designing systems to install gas lines with meters at each home. This gives the homeowner monthly billing and the land developer the ability to offer the benefits of living in the city without the noise, traffic or taxes.