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Al Peasland, one of the UK's leading self defence and personal safety experts (based in Milton Keynes) gives his opinion on the Casey Heynes bullying incident

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In the wake of the Casey Heynes bullying case down under, I am sadly reminded of the lip service we as the public are served every time an innocent kid gets picked on to the point where the media (and now Anonymous) gets involved, and only then does anything get done about it, for better or for worse. I lived a mere 45 minutes away from South Hadley, Massachusetts and South Hadley High School when Phoebe Prince committed suicide after prolonged, unabated torture. Moreover, I was a victim of bullying myself up through high school. So I know for a fact that this is nothing new, and it has to stop. Unfortunately, it hasn’t, and neither have these three lines we will inevitably hear over the course of the average bullying case.

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Casey Heynes Bully Boy's Mom says: My son deserved it!!!
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