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Unless I'm mistaken, A & E wouldn't show 'Beer' at all, and for some reason the series 3 about Le Pimpernel Scarlet (honestly, just this today, before I saw this thread, I was talking to a friend who was complaining about a holiday trip wherein everything went wrong, and my sympathetic response was, 'Well, next time you must be certain to chose Revolutionary France for your holiday...')

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I feel that i must complain about the all inclusive holiday we booked with you in Nerja Spain, The hotel Villa Flamenco was meant to be a five star, but when we arrived it was obviously one star if that, whoever did your rating clearly had never stayed there. We also booked an adults only, but there were families there with extremely unruly children who misbehaved everywhere including the dining room. The food was inedible, i mean none of the guests ate any of it, which alternatively we had to eat out at an extra cost, considering we payed for fully inclusive. Your staff were rude on every occasion and the rooms did not have the bedding changed for the whole of our stay, untill i complained, I want you to look into this matter, we paid £3,000 for two weeks and it was anything but enjoyable, we booked this for our 30th anniversary which was completely ruined to the point we could not wait to get home.

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Making a complaint about a holiday can be a frustrating experience for anyone who has been let down by their UK tour operator after a holiday from hell.

And NOT that I'm complaining about a holiday weekend
I've found in a forum that expression, referred to a person complaining about a holiday village

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We are lucky to live in a country where so much complaining about a holiday full of eating and libation is allowed

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