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In making these projections we used American Community Survey data from 2006 to 2010 to calculate the number of eligible unauthorized youth that would qualify for the DREAM Act—creating the largest dataset of unauthorized immigrants to date—and then put the data into a robust model of the likely educational and job attainment potential of eligible DREAMers to estimate their likely future earnings. This model takes into account factors such as educational level, age, sex, race and ethnicity, and constitutes our estimate of the direct economic consequences of the DREAM Act. This is similar to the methodology used by education economist Luis Crouch and many of his colleagues in the field.

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For every pro there are also cons to the DREAM act and people who do not support it have found flaws in it that are keeping it from not being passed. Anti-Dreamers fear that by granting “amnesty” to immigrants that have already broken the law by entering illegally it would only encourage other people to cross illegally. In their “eyes, it offers an incentive to break the law” they say that because under this act their children will get permanent residency. They say that it would only push illegal aliens harder to get into the country to have their child apply for the DREAM act. From their perspective this would give immigrants the motive to come illegally so that they could provide a better life for their children. Since under the act the illegal immigrants will be eligible to get aid for school it would put them right next to legal students, which they say is unfair because they are essentially law breakers (pros and cons of the DREAM act, n.d).

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What I would like to examine in this post is the pros and cons of the DREAM Act

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