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For example, if you describe a beach in your guided meditation, then add the sound of waves and sea birds. If you move into a deep underground cave, then you might like to add reverberation (reverb) to your voice so as to emulate the effect of being in a cave. Also, there may be times when the music should fade into the background, and other times when it needs to take centre stage.

Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Beached - How to describe a beach?

Beached - How to describe a beach?

Beached - How to describe a beach?

what a beach looks like - describe colours, textures use lots and lots of adjectives. Are you describing a pebbley beach, a beach with soft golden sand or a beach with course grainy sand etc The sea - is it clear and blue, dark and murky, warm or cold?? Are there rock pools? Is it a warm and sunny day or a dull and blowy day? Describes the distinct seaside smell that's always there, the sweet smell of ice cream, the smell of suncream.

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Write five adjectives describing the following nouns: waves, sand, shells, towel. This is a thumbnail of the "Write Five Adjectives Describing Words About the Beach" page. Write five adjectives describing the following nouns: waves, sand, shells, towel. The full-size printout is available only to site members.

I'm looking for a positive adjective to describe that the beaches are not overcrowded.
I’ve got Mothers and Daughters on my pile too! And dad loves Michael Robothams books…saw him at Brisbane Writers Festival this year. I mostly read YA fiction- YA writers have to shove all the eloquence and beauty of an adult book into half the size book – so the writing is TIGHT and no words are wasted. There is no taking three pages to describe a beach! Also I have a shot attention span (thank you social media for that!) so YA books are perfecto! Adult books this year that I’ve liked are The Zookeepers Wife, The 19th Wife (fascinating!) and Talking Smack. Enjoy the holidays!
How to describe a beach?

Beached - How to describe a beach? Thailand

What are your beach games? What criteria would you use to describe a beach game? Or do you just think I'm nuts for bringing a Game Boy so close to sand and ocean?

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paragraph Describe a beach 100 - 120 words?

Well, this is a nice slightly sweet fragrance.
The name is (in my opinion) a little misleading.
I can't imagine a beach walk. It's too floral and sweet.
Perhaps this can be a walk through a flower field to a beach.
It has a vague sun tan lotion that can bring memories of summer but that can't hardly describe a beach walk.
It's basically a ylang-ylang, coconut and musk scent.
A beach walk to me is a memory of a light breeze that cools off a hot sun, the salty scent of seashells and just a vague hint of coconut.
But besides the name, this is a nice scent.

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A tourist agency may emphasize that a beach is secluded to tell you that it will be a nice place to go. In this case, "secluded" will be used more often than deserted, because deserted implies that people are leaving the beach for some reason, and the tourist agency might not want you to ask why! But again "deserted" doesn't have to be negative here, and I can see a tourist agency using either to describe a beach.