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I imagine some of you will tell me just to forget the whole thing but I am moving to an area with lots of drug problems and poverty. You are describing my mom. She is in her 60s, works as a bookkeeper, and often carries cash bags from work to the bank after hours. She has a carry permit, and uses it.

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Needless to say, I have not yet told girlfriends, with whom I have a totally different relationship than my mother has with girlfriend. Or partner. Whatever. I’m not exactly focused on how politically correct I am in describing my mom’s bizarro crush. Especially since I can’t describe Gabrielle to anyone yet. I can’t even deal with telling them about the , which—if I actually let myself think about it for more than ten seconds—is crushing in and of itself. I mean, I had no clue. None. Totally oblivious.

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I've been in the store twice, both times right before closing time on a weekend. I went looking for a Mother's Day gift and left with a great one-of-a-kind necklace after describing my mom's style. I went again last week to get dark metal pieces for myself. Both times the staff was super friendly, did not rush me out, completed the transactions on an iPad/emailed me a receipt, and had unique, modern bags to package the pieces in. I'll definitely be back for more conversation pieces!

Five words that describe my mom
I assure you that by me describing my mom doesn't do any justice

Describing my mom's childhood is hard for our Granny

When describing my mom and I, people often say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

me describing my mom and the momories~

Lauren, you could be describing my mom, and I think I will be this kind of grandmother as well

Within miniutes, Bob was describing my mom's personality to a tee