Do you agree and disagree with capital punishment?

I disagree with capital punishment in all cases. We've had too many cases of death row prisoners exonerated and released (over 100 and counting) for me to be alright with it. With those hundred and some cases, chances are very good we didn't catch all the mistakes in time, and innocent people have been executed. If we discover someone was wrongfully convicted, we can release them from prison, but if they've already been killed, no court order will resurrect them.

Do you agree or disagree with capital punishment

There are opponents who absolutely disagree with capital punishment

Do you agree and disagree with capital punishment

On her jury questionnaire, venirewoman Campbell stated that "I disagree with capital punishment." At voir dire, she testified that she "wouldn't say it's a totally 100 percent disagree [with the death penalty], but I do lean in that direction quite a bit, maybe more than 50 percent, but not necessarily a hundred percent, if that makes sense." Juror Campbell then explained that she would not have a problem in considering the evidence and rendering a decision within the context of the law. Still later, she reverted back to explaining her views on the death penalty in terms of percentages:

2013 Do you agree or disagree with capital punishment

But though I disagree with US capital punishment, the US won't execute someone for speaking against the government or for various minor "morality" charges. Barack Obama, the US President, gets every kind of vicious abuse you can imagine hurled at him every day, and takes it in stride. Do a tenth of that in Saudi Arabia against the leaders there, and it's likely to be you getting a very short haircut.

I disagree with capital punishment
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Warner because I disagree with capital punishment, but I don't think so

I disagree with capital punishment in all cases

In addition, am I wrong to believe that it is mainly Republican states that tend to apply the death penalty? In which case, I guess that there are conditions under which you would agree that life is less than sacred, or that you do indeed have some more nuanced rules about who you believe that you should be allowed to deprive of life. Or perhaps you disagree with capital punishment?

I disagree with capital punishment in most cases – especially in 'eyewitness' cases

"I respectfully disagree with capital punishment," he says

I admit to being cynical about politics at times, but even I can't be so cynical that I'm unwilling to accept that as based in fact. Maybe I'm inclined to believe Gov. Warner because I disagree with capital punishment, but I don't think so. Gov. Warner is smart enough to be aware of the inevitable claims that his granting clemency served as little more than political fodder for an eventual presidential run. Also, Gov. Warner refused to grant clemency to the first eleven death row inmates facing execution during his term. It's clear that Mr. Shapiro ignored the facts of the case, thus allowing him to claim victory with his interpretation.

Of course, I disagree with capital punishment, but the principle is identical, as you point out

Capital punishment is the death penalty for a criminal offense

I don't agree that any of your examples quite work. Imprisonment, execution and corporal punishment follow some behaviour that we agree is wrong, unlike pregnancy. (Personally I disagree with capital punishment and most forms of corporal punishment anyway.) And as for child support and taxes, I think there's a relevant distinction between bodily autonomy and financial autonomy.