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In , all hospitalizations in each of the four States are classified according to the Index of Discretionary Admissions. Criterion II is used to define consistency in the columns on the left, and Criterion IV is used in the columns on the right. Hospitalizations for DRG categories that had inconsistent variation scores and those that fell among the 34 residual categories are listed separately.

Q: How do I apply for discretionary admission?

Percentage Change In Discretionary Inpatient Admissions For Hospitals With Publicly Reported Lapses

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Discretionary admissions/releases will not be considered on the basis of a disagreement with school staff regarding school decisions such as grades, homework, discipline, retention, or class assignment.

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However, if you will graduate from a higher secondary education during the spring of applying, you may still apply to Kymenlaakso UAS via discretionary admission. Applicants may be admitted to study if Kymenlaakso UAS considers their skills and knowledge sufficient. Applicants who do not have the required educational background may be invited to the entrance examination.

Novia UAS uses discretionary admission in joint application round 2015 only for the following Degree Programmes:.
Vaasa University of Applied Sciences uses discretionary admission in joint application round 2016. Applicant can be considered eligible for the entrance examination although he/she would not meet the general admission criteria. Each case is evaluated individually. Discretion comes in question in the following situations:If you wish to apply to Arcada, the trough discretionary admission, you should (in addition to submitting an application trough the joint application system) by 10 February 2016 3 p.m. Finnish time submit a study certificate/transcript of records from your high school/upper secondary school.The admission of applicants applying via discretionary admission is based on the result of the entrance exam alone. The admission is conditional until the UAS has checked your educational and other relevant certificates. The UAS may withdraw the admission, if applicant has given false information.Oulu University of Applied Sciences uses discretionary admission in the English Bachelor’s degree programmes in International Business, Business Information Technology and Information Technology.If you apply to other universities of applied sciences through discretionary admission, please see their web pages for specific requirements. All universities of applied sciences specify their own criteria for discretionary admission.Applicants who wished to be considered under the Discretionary Admission scheme for Medicine should apply under the Exceptional Individual Scheme by 3rd week of March 2016.
Please remember to sign the Application Form for Discretionary Admission as it is not valid without the original signature of the applicant.

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Please note: in 2016 application period applicants need to deliver a valid language certificate by 10 February 2016 in order to be invited to the entrance examination! This applies also to applicants applying via discretionary admission.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences uses the discretionary admission in 2016 admission process as follows:

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As our admission cut-offs are on an upward trend, it is always advisable for all applicants to indicate, where possible, that they also wish to be considered under Discretionary Admissions.

Here I am providing you with the detail of the Discretionary admission of the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences in Finland


If an applicant to Oulu UAS wishes to be taken into consideration in discretionary admission he/she must provide an official statement of the upcoming graduation given by the awarding school. The statement must be stamped and signed. Also English, Swedish or Finnish translation of it must be provided, if the statement is not written in one of these languages. The final date of the graduation is July 17. 2015 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.