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I finished a second semester online and now I’m taking classes on campus. I’m currently taking English Comp II. When I enrolled, the only available English class at the time I needed it was taught by the same professor as my Comp I class. I thought about just putting it off until the next semester, but then I realized that God could have a purpose for this and that I needed to trust Him to handle it. My first essay assignment was to write an argumentative essay on social justice. My professor recommended that I write on the reproductive rights of women. In that moment I knew what I needed to write on without the shadow of a doubt in my mind. I asked if I could instead write about social justice and the rights of the unborn. My professor looked displeased, but said that I could write on the topic as long as I referenced one of the writings in our textbook. I thanked her and asked her to please let me know if there was anything I needed to change after looking at my rough draft.

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Your essay on social justice and human nature is central to the stability of this republic. Given the evidence of recent electorates, “public virtue” (more specific than virtue) and the republic’s survival is at stake, so your work is much needed.

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Rather than having your students watch that video – what doesn’t seem bizarre when completely decontextualized? – they’d be better served reading Jay Moore’s essay on social justice.

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My first essay assignment was to write an argumentative essay on social justice

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they'd be better served reading Jay Moore's essay on social justice

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