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these comments helped me a lot in writing an essay on space exploration.. thanks everyone !!!

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The book, which accompanies an exhibition of the same name at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, also includes an essay by the editor and curator mapping central themes; an exploration of how Latin American artists have depicted astronomic phenomena, utopian projects, and the modern machine; an essay on space-age art in Argentina during the 1960s; and a study of Smithson and science fiction.

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Long story short, Stross had a cold and couldn’t deal with fiction, so he wrote up his opinions about actual space colonization on his blog. This led to comments, and eventually questions about why he thought he was authority enough to write the essay. Stross does have credentials in chemistry and computer science, but not in astrophysics. Apparently his questioner felt Stross’ background didn’t qualify him to write a non-fiction essay on space.
Students solve for X in formulae such as 4x – 4 – (3x – 4) + 3 = 0 to decode an essay on space weather. They then answer questions about what they have read.

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DM: We have all been involved in thinking about ‘landscape’ and, if you like, reading the landscape politically. So it’s been an exchange of ideas, of learning from each other. That involves a lot of listening, and thinking. I’ve certainly learned a lot. Out of this, each of us is producing a different contribution. Mine is an extended essay on Space/landscape/politics that engages with the film, and the form of the film, as well as with the landscape, through the perspective of my own long engagement with concepts of space and place.

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Review of Arrest and Movement. An Essay on Space and Time in the Representational Art of the Near East by H. A. Groenewegen-Frankfort. 21, No. 3, p. 330 (1988).