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This paper examines the extent to which ESL (English as a Second Language learners) have been able to achieve cohesion in their written texts by examining the cohesive devices used by the students during their continuous writing sessions at school. The data used were drawn from seventy final year students of Ooni Girls High School in Osun State Nigeria. The elicitation technique was an essay writing exercise in which the students were given two essay questions which would enable them to demonstrate their knowledge of cohesive devices in English. An analysis of the data revealed that the students lacked competence in their use of cohesive devices despite the fact that they had been exposed to intensive teaching of English for six years in the secondary school.

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Essay writing can prove complicated when not well equipped with enough guidelines on how to go about it effectively. Such complications are mostly faced by beginners and thus the need to follow simple instructions outlined in a tutorial so as to make the entire essay writing exercise convenient. When well emphasized, the tutorials act as the best guidelines for approaching essays of whatever kind.

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A comprehensive time management essay writing exercise will not only outline the various options available. It will explain what they should do and be. In other words, what are the functions it performs and how well does it perform them?

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the field is required than might be necessary for an essay writing exercise

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Other skills need to be developed prior to Essay Writing Exercise being used. The participant should have mastery over the other writing exercises in this section. If they do not, work on these other exercises for at least 30 days before attempting this exercise.

If there were no different opinions about it, it wouldn't be a topic for essay writing exercise

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What is death punishment? Putting a person to death for committing the worst of all crimes – killing another person. That is, if somebody kills another person, the court sentences the killer to death, and the government, through the prisons executes the sentence. Are there different opinions about it?
If there were no different opinions about it, it wouldn’t be a topic for essay writing exercise. Some support it and others oppose it.

1. A person who takes the life of another person has no right to live.
2. Death sentence will prevent others from committing murders, for fear of being put to death.
3. It is a kind of tit for tat situation. A killer should be killed; they should not be allowed to live.
4. The members of the victim’s family feel that justice is done when the murderer is put to death.

A number of people feel that capital punishment should be abolished, because,
1. The government, by putting to death a killer, is committing the same crime – killing a person. This is murder by the state (government)
2. That death punishment reduces murders is not correct. Death punishments have not much reduced killings in society.
3. Life-long or prolonged imprisonment, say, for 15 to 20 years is a more severe punishment than death punishment. This is in force in a number of countries which have abolished death sentences. This will prevent people from committing murders.
4. There are a number of examples of innocent people being punished and real murderers escaping. The judgments of the courts are not always correct. Judges also make mistakes.
Note down the points like this. If you think with concentration you can get a number of ideas. Sometimes the points may not strike you in the proper order. Write them down as they come to you, and study them. Then rearrange them in a logical order. Then follow all the steps that have been suggested in the first example, that is, the essay on ‘Reality Shows Featuring Children.’

Thus, we propose an essay writing exercise based on an article about Egyptian artefacts

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