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Sybilla Sorondo is a Spain-based fashion designer with a worldwide reputation for fashionable clothing lines that highlight a woman's figure and are comfortable to wear.

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The Countess took every opportunity to promote Harris Tweed as a fashionable cloth for hunting and sporting wear. It soon became the fabric of choice for the landed gentry and aristocracy of the time, including members of Queen Victoria’s inner circle.

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Bobbie Aug is an accomplished quilter, author, researcher, andlecturer. She is also an appraiser, certified by the American Quilter's Society,and is a member of their certification committee. She is presently workingon a sequel to her book on entitledAntique Quilts and Textiles: A Price Guide to Functional and Fashionable ClothComforts. It is due to be published by Schroeder Publishing/Collector'sBooks in Spring 2004.

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Well Friends we need to knw first what is fashion, it is current tradition that we like to wear our cloths, i like color Friends, and i like to wear them so if it in my cloths that’s good and i feel good about myself, also i am in marketing field so i know what’s latest trends in the market, and i like to buy some fashionable clothes for myself, for outing or party, it actually feel good and makes me confident about myself,Jerrybag sources their materials from markets in Kampala and works with local women to produce them. They also work with a number of international NGOs to provide the bags free of charge to the communities who need them most. To supplement this work Jerrybag also produces high-quality, fashionable cloth bags that they sell in to international customers in Korea and Europe.In finality, fashion is important because it can make you more creative, it is important in culture and religion, and it makes you look and feel more professional. So I think Friends by wearing fashionable cloth you make feel confidence and more attractive, but it should be very conformable to you, that’s more important…..Originating on the island of Zanzibar in the late 1880’s, the fashionable cloth quickly spread along the Swahili coast and eventually became a cultural emblem, acting as a social conduit for complex cultural, spiritual, and political expression. The cloth, whose name derives from the Arabic word “khanqa” or cloth, represents an intricate history of trans-oceanic trade among African, Arab, Indian and European societies. A few scholars assert that the word kanga refers to the “guinea fowl,” because when women wrapped themselves in the original black and white polka-dotted pattern, they resembled the chatty, sociable bird. Others disagree with this claim. In any case, the kanga is a living record of Swahili obsessions and transgressions, values and beliefs.
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Tweed, made from wool and wool mixtures, comes in a phenomenal range of color and weave effects. Originally tweed was made only in the twill weave or variations of that structure. It is debatable whether the name tweed originated from a misreading of an order for (Scottish for twill), or whether the cloth is named after the Tweed river in the Borders region of Scotland. However, it is certain that tweed originated in the Scottish woolen industry of the early nineteenth century, where locally crafted woolens were transformed into fashion textiles woven in a factory and sold to national and international markets. This shift of the late 1820s was partly precipitated by the adoption of the black-and-white shepherd's check as a fashionable cloth for men's trousers in the late 1820s.

It's a fashionable cloth of the highest quality (and sophisticated country elegance).

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Before my son was born. My only experience with cloth diapers was those old-fashioned prefolds that you use the big safety pin with. But when I was pregnant a friend told me about these easy to use new fashionable cloth diapers. So I did a little research and tested out a few brands and was sold with the .

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