Keiser Report: Fast Food Tax Evasion (E647)

Learning Objectives:
Evaluate the evidence supporting estimates of the potential impact of restaurant menu calorie labeling and fast food taxes on child and adult BMI and related healthcare costsCompare the cost-effectiveness of restaurant menu calorie labeling and fast food taxes to other nutrition policy and programmatic approaches to reducing childhood obesity

Fast Food Tax Solution to U.S. Obesity?

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Fast food Tax - People Behaving Badly

As a rule, governments should not seek quick and temporary fixes to structural budget problems. Sin taxes like the fast food tax are quick fixes that would have serious economic and moral consequences. Government leaders really ought to address their own appetite for spending tax dollars before they try to regulate the appetites of their constituents.

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Sin taxes have a long and checkered American history, with the most common sin taxes on liquor and cigarettes. But recently, other kinds of sin taxes have received attention, since so many governments at all levels are facing fiscal constraints. Some have suggested extra taxes on bars and strip clubs. This fast food tax promises to be much more far-reaching, however, as the National Restaurant Association estimates that domestic quickservice sales reached over $140 billion in 2004.

THE GLEANER MINUTE: Members want Montague out ... Fast food tax? ... Portia expresses sympathy ...
As politicians look for new ways to prop up their sagging budgets, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is the latest political figure to float the idea of a “fast food tax.” If his effort is successful, Detroit would become the first city in the nation to pass an extra tax on quickservice food. Regarding soda/fast food taxes, I think they could be implemented, along with a robust public outreach campaign from the DC Department of Health about the health hazards of fast food and sugary soft drinks. Ostensibly low-income households can still make rational decisions, provided the District supplies all the facts.
Fast food Tax - People Behaving Badly

Fast Food Tax - The Queensland Telegraph

But the fast food tax would raise money to fund health care expenses and "offset" the "imbalance" created by expensive healthy foods, says the Times' Karen Kaplan, arguing that the "logic" of the tax "seems clear." It could change the situation for that mother and millions of other Americans in the same boat.

THE GLEANER MINUTE: Members want Montague out ... Fast food tax? ... Portia expresses sympathy ...

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A fast food tax in Romania. Levies on chocolate in Denmark. Restrictions on trans fats in Spain. As the European population gets larger, many governments are seeking to legislate better health.

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As a middle class family in the suburbs, we rarely eat fast food. I can possibly support a tax on my purchase. But to endorse a fast food tax on everyone by saying "fast food is a luxury" is elitist. There's a reason why poverty is one of the greatest indicators of obesity. Making fast food equivalent to a "sin tax" is misleading. You don't have to drink or smoke to live, but you do have to eat.