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Find a job you enjoy and work with people you enjoy being around. Because if you aren’t happy at work, if you’re not around people who inspire you, you bring that home. Your time at work and your time off will be miserable. When you find a job you like, then work isn’t a chore.

you find a job that you enjoy and can stick with for a very long time

How to Find a Job You Actually Enjoy

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“Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
- Confucius

Find a job you enjoy and work with people you enjoy being around

Quinton joined the Simpleview Team in 2013 as a CMS Developer . As the saying goes, “if you find a job you enjoy doing, you never work a day in your life”. This perfectly describes Quinton’s current role of tool and widget development for client contracts. If he is not programming for the company, you can certainly find him coding up some projects of his own.

As Kristin Wong shares on LifeHacker, you can even find a job you enjoy
Then you go get a 'job'. Well, look, a job is something that can either be for the paycheck, or truly your way of contributing to society. If you look at it as the latter, and find a job you enjoy (anything), then your life will not be a waste.
Here are some tips on how to be in a job you hate until you find a job you enjoy

Find a job you enjoy doing and work at it

The best way to determine how far you want to grow in your field is to do a cost-benefit analysis. If a high paying job in your field requires a master’s degree, it would probably be a good idea to incur the cost to get your education so that you can reap the benefits of a secure job. On the other hand, if you are struggling to find a job you enjoy, going back to school to get a master’s may not necessarily be the best decision at that time. Incurring more costs when you are already in a less than ideal financial situation probably is not the best idea.

So you're tired of chasing happiness and want to actually find a job you enjoy

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"Find a job you enjoy doing and you will not have to work a day in your life." Many lawyers have found that kind of job in their law practices. This article is about them — how they find enjoyment in the practice of law and how it helps them to be more professional.

Throughout this e-book, we will show you how to leverage your strengths to find a job you enjoy

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“An entrance is only a door unless someone walks through it,” Carter said. Even though he was torn between following his medical career dreams or staying in his food services track, he realized that he truly enjoyed the work he did in the food industry and knew well enough that if you find a job you enjoy everyday, you shouldn’t say goodbye.