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Pictures of my life growing up in a Small Town. Music is by John Mellencamp's Small Town. I own no rights to the song. Almost all picutures are my own. Some have been copied from other sites. I had a wonderful childhood growing up in a Small Town - and I'll die in this Small Town and they will leave my ashes in this Small Town.

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Growing up in a small town is something the city kids (like my husband) will just never understand

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Although the limitations of growing up in a small town (especially pre-Internet) are numerous, the benefits still abound. Nothing beats the quaint small-town life and the lasting memories that remind its residents of simpler times. Whether you grew up in a small town or are thinking of moving to one, you are in for a special treat. Join me on a nostalgic journey of small-town life as you read about these 7 things that only small-town people can relate to.

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It's different growing up in a small town and being the local sports hero. More is expected of you. Everyone knows your "business." The highs of your success are shared by the entire community. But so are the failures.

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There are many benefits to growing up in a small town. Small communities allow people to become acquainted, acquire a sense of security and familiarity. Although there may be many apparent positive aspects to smaller towns, people often living in acquire what is called a 'small town mentality'. This can be described as a unified way of thinking and behaving. Individuality and diversity are suppressed while town's people begin to conform to traditionalistic views and stereotypes. Ways in which this small town mentality affects Human behavior.One thing that many people don’t know about me, and might not guess, is that I grew up in a small town. Like, really small. The population of the tiny town in Wisconsin where I grew up is approximately 1,000. That’s right. 1,000 people. Though I was born in Milwaukee, I spent ages 5-18 in this crazy small town. I went to school there, I had my first job there, I made some of my closest friends there. And the experiences I had growing up in that small town are ones that I wouldn’t trade for the world! If you grew up in a similarly small town, you know what I mean. Today, I wanted to talk a little about the town I grew up in. I know I’m missing so many things, and maybe I’ll do a Part Two, but here are 12 perks for growing up in a small town.’s journey from the Midwest to Los Angeles is a fairytale for the digital age. Boy grows up in a small town. Boy takes a chance and moves to the big city. Boy grows a massive YouTube presence, embraces his identity, and finds happiness and success. Though as with most success stories, the reality was full of challenges, hard work, and luck.When you're growing up in a small town
and you're having a nervous breakdown
and you think that you'll never escape it
Yourself or the place that you live
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Growing up in small towns and big cities, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although it is a bit difficult to say that whether growing up in small town is more advantage than growing up in big cities, some people believe that growing up in a small town can be quite beneficial. Different people have different point of views, but I want to support my view with three advantages of growing up in a small town. First, The neighborhood in a small town is safer than big cities, you live in one environment with little to no crime and people know each other and look after each other therefore it is easy to recognize strangers or any kind of threaten. Another reason is that you live in a calm environment, people do not spend hours in traffic therefore they avoid the haste and stress of big cities and the result of that you see more understanding and friendly people and also the good air quality has been proofed to be beneficial for your body and mind.

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While growing up in a small town in Mississippi only 35 miles from Stennis Space Center, I never imagined I would one day be the Deputy Chief Financial Officer at a NASA Facility. Growing up, my family had extremely limited resources. Truth be known, we were very poor. At an early age, I worked manual jobs with my siblings and other family members. I realized immediately that this wasn’t what I planned to do for the rest of my life. My dear mother stressed the importance of education to all of her children. I knew early in life that education was paramount to my future.

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Lesson three: you learn to appreciate what you have. Growing up in a small town, you live on a farm, have a family member that farms, or know someone close the family that farms. Living in a rural area lets you see how much work it takes to raise the food and animals that a lot of other people take for granted. To people in a small town, a home-cooked meal often means a homegrown meal as well.