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it did not make any sense to me because i knew for a fact that i performed way better than that. i applied for a recheck and it went to a 6.5 (bummer lol)that experience made my question the ielts organization as in errors do occur in the correcting process.

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Once a test has been completed, the IELTS organization states that results will be posted by mail in 13 days. In total, individuals can expect the language testing process to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months until results are obtained. CIC will only accept applications to the FSWP if official test scores are included.

IELTS Essay Organization at English Advantage

IELTS receiving organizations subscribing to the e-downloads service ONLY accept results sent via electronic transmission ((please log on your homepage -> Additional Test Report Form to query the List of Recognizing Organizations subscribing to the e-downloads service) The introduction of the e-downloads service is available on the IELTS global website . Please ask the receiving organization to download your electronic results on after you receive the email confirming your request has been processed.

Applicants of IELTS have to be familiar with test format and the rules of IELTS Organization
Certainly, the IELTS organization would have been wanting to silence me for a long time

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the above is a guideline only and subject to changes by the IELTS organization

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The IELTS organization strongly advises at least two months preparation

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