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Not too long ago, somebody asked me how photography impacted my life. As the wheels in my head began to spin, the person added a guideline and limited me to one sentence. Impossible - and it lead to many hours of dialogue. There’s no way I could narrow down all the ways into a single sentence. It was a great conversation and it made the five and half hour car ride go by in a flash. In thinking about what to write for this week’s Take Great Pictures tip of the week, a brain cell fired and I was brought back to that exchange. My focus on photography is nature, people and travel, but just about any subject matter can be substituted for what’s to follow. So I pose the same question to you that appears in the opening - give it some thought as you read on.

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What is one of the ways the college prep program has impacted my life?

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Written with the mom and mentor in mind, Impact My Life provides a solid framework for cultivating relationships that glorify God while practically fulfilling the Titus 2 call.

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As I look back over the lives of people who have impacted my life in a positive way, I can think of no one more important than my youth pastor, Douglas Elsey.

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How does this explain how my father impacted my life? It was after my divorce that I decided to go back to University, to complete another degree in the field of and Human Relations. It was during this time that I began to explore my own motives for getting married to a man that was so different from me. When I compared him to my father, I realized that they were polar opposites. Literally, from one extreme to another. Whether you’re young or old, it is almost guaranteed that at least one person has made an impact on your life. Whether the impact was big or small, long term, or short term, someone has influenced your life in one way or another. However, impacts are not only made by people, but by events that have occurred in your life. Throughout one’s life multiple people and events will shape who you were, are, and will become. As a young child, before starting school, children are mostly impacted by their parents and/or siblings. I remember when I was young; I used to watch my mother type on the computer. Of course, I wanted to do whatever she did, so she taught me how to type. I still remember most of the typing tricks she taught me. Though this event might seem minute, it is still considered an impact. Once you start school, you meet more people and experience more events that could possibly impact your life. I have a younger sister and we often compete with grades. This is a very positive impact because it pushes both of us to strive harder to make good grades. Another impact involving school is the transition I had from Lamar Consolidated High School to George Ranch High School when I was in tenth grade. This transition was very rough. The work ethic at George Ranch was way more demanding than it was at Lamar. At first, I thought this was a negative impact because of all of the hard work I had to study more for, but when I actually thought about it I realized that all of this hard work will prepare me for college. Therefore, this impact also turned out to be a positive one. Another important thing that has impacted my life is cheerleading. Though many people may think all cheerleaders do is just chant at football games, it is way more than that. We are required to cheer at many of our school’s sporting events and attend most of the school functions. This sometimes becomes really stressful and challenging, especially when I know that I have a...
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To the family of 'Mr Tremendous' I met Charlie back in the 70s when he visited Australia on behalf of our company, Schwarzkopf. As you would expect this meeting had an immediate and lasting impact. I was fortunate to travel with Charlie as he toured parts of the country and observed first hand this marvelous man and his effect on the people he met. Over the years when he has visited Australia I have not seen much of Charlie, our paths seldom crossed, however there has hardly been a day in the preceeding forty years that I have not recalled fondly the times we spent together. Then last year I heard he was going to be in Brisbane and there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to see him again. I rang tha hotel where he was speeking on the off chance he may also be staying, sure enough he was and I rang his room. That voice, somewhat softened but still unmistakeable, greeted me and we arranged to catch up at the seminar. The group of some four to five hundred people, I guess, many of whom had never heard Charlie speak did not know what they were in for. But as is usually the case within minutes he had them in the palm of those gentle yet powerful hands, as I had witnessed many times before they laughed and cried and experienced compassion and understanding on a level seldom achieved. After the meeting we waited while the seemingly endless line of well wishers and guests with books to be signed met the great man. We eventually got to talk and as my wife had heard so much about Charlie over the years I wanted her to meet him. Charlie suggested we go downstairs and have a bite to eat and we sat together and talked for a good hour, my wife took a photo of Charlie and I which has pride of place in our home, it was a very special night. There is no way I can truly find the right words to express how Charlie impacted my life only to say he lives with me forever. I heard of his passing today and plan to celebrate his life, particularly on the 16th October each year as this is also my birthday. My love to his family.

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The person who has impacted my life the most is my dad

In Impact My Life, Lisa Pulliam takes you step by step how to grow your ministry as a mentor. This is valuable resource for anyone who shares her passion to develop women in their relationship with Christ. Lisa quite simply has the heart of a mentor and her desire is to share all that she has learned with you as well. I know you will be blessed by her encouragement.

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Written with the mom and mentor in mind, Impact My Life provides a solid framework for cultivating relationships that glorify God while practically fulfilling the Titus 2 call.