The Perfectly Imperfect Woman Workshop includes…

Sacred Exploration: Each week, we will explore the sacred art of being the real you in business and in life and letting your strengths shine. The gurus teach us to follow the rules and DO it their way in order to achieve success. This is all good, they have great wisdom, but their wisdom doesn’t always jive with our wisdom and that’s because our power, purpose, and passion comes from within. We can’t search out someone else to tell us how to run our business or for that matter how to live our lives. Sure, they can give us pointers, they can share their journey, they can teach us tools, but our clarity, confidence and connection comes from inside us. We must engage and take ownership of our lives and take back the power we have given away to gurus who supposedly know more than us. They don’t. We do. Our power is in our REALness. We must be REAL in order to create success and the Perfectly Imperfect Woman Workshop is all about BEing real, doing it your way, trusting yourself in the process, and being in alignment with your core operating system—where success is actually born and created.

The Perfectly Imperfect Woman Workshop is:

Imperfect Woman and Man - Single - iTunes

august | 2015 | imperfect woman

She was an imperfect woman
Deliciously flawed
You could tell right away
She was no wax doll

She got herself into
Impossible situations
And then got out of them
With strange machinations

She smiled and laughed
Some said, way too much
But it was better than moping
And being stuck

She was awkward and reserved
With new people
But with friends she loved
Caring and wild!

She sometimes moved sideways
And stepped out of the race
The perspective she gained
Had its own special place

She often felt alone
Amidst a throng
Searching for the one
Who would share her song

She was a daughter
Of the sun and the sea
And in her quiet moments
Would often believe

Though she was imperfect
Her song was special
And this path of discovery
Would be her quest!

IMPERFECT Lady: Examples of an Imperfect woman

Think of the Perfectly Imperfect Woman Workshop as a facilitated support group. Think of it as a sacred sharing circle. Think if it as a 12-week immersive experience allowing you to sink your teeth into your personal development. You want change? PIW offers you the opportunity to change. Think of PIW as a gentle and loving personal growth kick in the pants.

Imperfect Woman- un blog cu ganduri, sentimente, idei nastrusnice si multe zambete
imperfect woman - strive - life - madison - me, my kid and an empty checkbook

Imperfect Woman Poem by Anita Atina - Poem Hunter

This imperfect woman is very likeable. Actually more likeable than most of the other women that try to fulfill society's standards.
And she reminds me a bit of me and my life.
Thank you for being so honest. Thank you for not wearing a mask. Thank you for being true to yourself and speaking about it. It is inspiring.

I named my blog

: A true, personal story from the experience, I Am An Imperfect Woman

We pray that you feel the love of Jesus pour out over you when you, an imperfect woman, wears your imperfect skirt or apron made by an imperfect woman who is now able to provide for her family without sacrificing her dignity.

Meet The Imperfect Perfect Woman Who Loves Her Ugly Body

How to Love an Imperfect Woman: 5 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Aurora Leigh also plans to live a desolate, dedicated life without companionship. Browning first suggests that a woman artist can only reach her creative potential if she lives without a spouse. Later, this theme becomes modified into a lesson about personal growth and marriage involving sacrifice. "'Aurora Leigh' tells the story of the development of a woman poet largely as the story of her struggle to understand how her life and art can accommodate love. . . To be an artist means to be living as a lone woman. This wrongs the feminist nature and, in turn, undermines her art because 'No perfect artist is developed here/From any imperfect woman (IX, 648-9),'" (Laurelyn Douglas, ",'").