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In this paper, a utility-based load distribution approach is introduced for relieving congestion at certain popular spaces within the network. Congestion-indication signals are provided for suggesting users to select APs in response to network load conditions. The heavier traffic load an AP has, the lower utility each associated user gains. Hence, the users incentively adapt themselves to associate to less congested APs. The effectiveness of the algorithm on improving the degree of load balance is evaluated using simulations. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm achieves greater balance and higher resource utilization when compared with the best existing algorithms.

an incentive for sb to do sth →

to have no incentive to do sth →

There is no incentive to work →

INCENTIVELY PRICED! Unique custom home in sought after gated community. This 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home has been remodeled from head to toe from beautiful chiseled edge travertine floor tiles to hardwood floors and granite counter tops everywhere. Custom paint inside and out gives this home a sunshine state feel all its own with lots of light and bright spacious rooms. What makes this gem really unique is the U shape floor plan and atrium style solar heated pool with hot tub/spa and Swedish sauna.…

there is no incentive to work →

The results of this study indicate that naturally occurring individual variation in the motivation to sing in response to a female is reflected in catecholamine activity in projections from midbrain dopaminergic brain regions to the striatum. Midbrain dopamine systems are central for the production of multiple incentively-motivated, reward-directed behaviors. The present results suggest that the evolutionarily conserved role for dopamine projections from VTA to the striatum in motivated behavior also extends to the motivation to communicate, and that norepinephrine may modulate individual differences in singing behavior by acting directly in area X or by modifying activity in dopamine neurons in VTA and GCt.

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An example of incentive is an ice cold beer at the end of a long bike ride.

She alone had not only the incentive, but the necessary opportunity.

Second, the Tiny House movement isn’t a fringe movement. It’s promoted in a similar fashion Zeitgeist promoted Fresno’s Venus Project. Anything more than 300 sq ft is estimated above 80K, and the designs are merely innovations of the makeshift shelters in Third World Nations like per say Bangladesh. Remember, the standards is between 200-300 Sq ft housing, and singles have first dibs on aid. This is consistent to the observation the proposed tax credits specifically incentively discourages traditional family structure meaning balancing income with family values.

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It was hard to find the subject that separate art and design. This could be debated forever, depended on how people defined in different point of views. However, those inspired quotes above incentively my prologue that I’d like to know the different of Art and Design. I found that it generally agrees that Artist and Designer have a way more easier to distinguish by looking at their principles. Designers always serve the client’s interests while Artists always show his/her interest to the peer. Therefore, while we are talking about the way of doing and accomplishment, it’d be said that every creativity person can be both Designer and Artist at the same time. Some designers consider themselves artists, but few artists consider themselves designers. For me, the answer is because for designer even, “Yourself” could be an another kind of clients.

Already we've empowered a lobby with an incentive for encouraging more scanners.

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Just as you can easily purchase chips, we can quickly and reliably cash you out. We strive to complete all cashouts instantly. Traders are incentively holding Runescape GP on their accounts in order to process cash ins and outs to the customer demand. Occasionally, during periods of high transaction volume, it may take longer to complete a cashout. You are responsible for your actions regarding your chips whilst waiting for a cashout as bulk Runescape GP is stored externally; accessible within a 24 hour period, in most cases, upon the request of a relatively large cash out. However, the overwhelming majority of BBB cashouts are completed instantly as specified.