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If you keep reading the Declaration of Independence after the first few inspiring paragraphs, you get to some of the grievances against George III, such as “he didn’t allow us to kick out the French Catholics in Quebec and steal their land” or “he signed treaties with the Indians and stopped us from slaughtering them”.

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"As I read its inspiring paragraphs, I was certainly moved to conclude that the story of Brewton-Parker is one of commitment, struggle, sacrifice and triumph," said Dickerson, who, after quoting from the book's preface, concluded: "Congratulations. May God bless this wonderful institution to endure another 100 years or until the Lord Jesus returns."

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edited by Kathleen Long Bostrom & Elizabeth Caldwell (Westminster/John Knox) $25.00 You know how the Academy Awards honor a film that was created based on another medium, a previous book, say? This award is like that -- a true and significant honor, bestowed for a genius idea, really, a devotional based on the popular and previously published best-selling WJK preaching commentaries. You know we carry all four of those big books for each liturgical cycle, and think highly of them. This faux leather devotional draws some of the most succinct or inspiring paragraphs from the lectionary commentary in for the passages for any given week, adding in a few things to ponder or write about in a journal, and offering a nicely worded closing prayer. So, some of this is new, but the main reading is drawn from those bigger, bulkier volumes. This comes with a lovely ribbon marker, making it a great devotional that allows one's devotional life to be informed by mainline, ecumenical insights about the lectionary texts. Good for anyone, this is an especially useful tool for pastors who should be marinating themselves in the Word upon which they will be preaching that week. What a great idea!

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One of the most relevant problems which affects a possible institutional setting for world order lies in guaranteeing adequate legitimacy. After a rather cautious beginning, in which cosmopolitan parliamentarism was seen rather sceptically, Habermas has developed in his more recent writings the conviction that only a democratic world parliamentary assembly can secure proper legitimation. This position is also put forward in his contribution to the book edited by Niesen and Herborth. Specifically, he depicts here – in only a few but inspiring paragraphs – the perspective of a supra-state world organization legitimated by a General Assembly consisting of representatives delegated by the national parliaments. The legitimacy coming from this institutions should then be adequately supported by a robust system of checks and balances between the General Assembly itself, a reformed Security Council, and the ICJ on the one hand, and by the significant involvement of the international civil society on the other hand.

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