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The introduction of speeches from Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice does not add a great deal, especially given the horrible if unintentional echo of Titus Andronicus in the story, and departs from the powerful mix of fact and appeals to the senses. Nor is smell neglected: as well as the unwelcome aromas of frying, a pungent, tear-making stink wafts over the audience as the cast end by attacking pounds of onions with fearsome weapons.

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as in the book of Tobit, the plot is a pretext for the introduction of speeches and wise sayings

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The introduction of the speech establishes the first, crucial contact between the speaker and the audience. For most classroom speeches, the introduction should last less than a minute. The introduction needs to accomplish three things:

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Here we give you the freedom to create a very special wedding ceremony of your own. However if you need some suggestions our banqueting managers with years of experience will be delighted to help. If you wish for assistance during the introduction of speeches or ushering of large crowds we can also provide this service free of charge with one of our managers.

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introduction of speeches can be accomplished, and thus be applicable to the teaching of essay writing, specifically introductory paragraphs and the speech.

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Easily distinguished by the red tailed coat following the unique English tradition dating back from the 17th century. The Toastmaster will always add style, distinction and panache to any formal or informal ceremony, event or celebration. The Toastmaster ensures that traditional services of greeting and announcing of guests, together with the introduction of speeches and toasts, are kept to a level of protocol acceptable for the function.

the after-dinner speeches, and the other, from Helen's re-introduction of speeches up to the retirement of everyone for the night (Odyssey iv 1–218, 219–305).

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introduction of speeches, "X began to speak the words to Y," should be counted as a verse of the stanza or rather be considered as a separate unit

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