Is imagination more important than knowledge

Knowledge and Imagination are often considered separate. Take this statement for example, 'Is imagination more important than knowledge?', by claiming that one is greater than the other which causes separation. However imagination is knowledge we gain without the use or help of our senses. Therefore imagination should be considered as part of our knowledge. This knowledge, of which imagination is a part of will then form our philosophy. By considering one as greater than the other we are voiding our philosophy. The separation of imagination and knowledge results in a dysfunctional philosophy and reasoning. Therefore neither imagination nor knowledge should be considered greater but instead philosophy.

Why is Imagination more Important than Knowledge

Why is imagination more important than knowledge

IS IMAGINATION MORE important than knowledge

1. Berlin, 1929. The poet and journalist George Sylvester Viereck has charmed an interview out of an initially reluctant superstar physicist. He asks: "How do you account for your discoveries? Through intuition or inspiration?"

Albert Einstein replies: "Both. I sometimes feel I am right, but do not know it. When two expeditions of scientists went to test my theory I was convinced they would confirm my theory. I wasn't surprised when the results confirmed my intuition, but I would have been surprised had I been wrong. I'm enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Source: Taylor, Kathleen
Is imagination more important than knowledge?

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My father was a talented teacher. Through practice and experimenting over the years, he also turned into a good cook. I wish I could say the same about his experiments with plumbing. He didn’t produce works of beauty but I would classify him as a creative thinker. He would for example go to sleep with a problem in his mind and often in the early ours of the morning he would wake up inspired, usually though a dream, with a solution. That was his method of problem solving. Medina, in her comments on ‘Is Imagination more important than knowledge’ raised an important point about silence and the need for it in our children’s lives. A deeper intelligence seems to work its way when the mind is silent either in sleep or through activity such as walking, playing music or mediating for example. This inner silence gives rise to beauty and creativity as Eckhart Tolle explains

Is Imagination is more important than knowledge
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How is imagination more important than knowledge

Is imagination more important than knowledge when creating global solidarity

Is Imagination More Important than Knowledge

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