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Sullivan makes one significant change to the script. In the opening court scene, the Fool (Steven Boyer) enters with King Lear and Cordelia (Jessica Collins). Collins then delivers her asides to the Fool. This staging establishes the familial triangle at the center of Lear's life, as you see Lear's fondness for both youngest daughter and Fool, Cordelia doting on both her father and his Fool, and the Fool's feelings for both king and princess. The catastrophe that comes to fruition in the fifth act clearly starts here when Lithgow's Lear inexplicably and to the astonishment of all the court, including the daughters, launches the love contest among the three sisters. Collins' Cordelia is no glib politician like her sisters, who are ever maneuvering for political and financial power; sincerity is this Cordelia's anchor (that comes from having the Fool as her closest friend), and she "cannot heave my mouth into my heart." The tight bond of the center triangle is severed right before our eyes, and the tragedy takes root like ivy infesting the whole garden.

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For this tragedy of Shakeaspeare, I tried to create a dynamic, effective and minimalistic space. The main element of my scenery was a wooden black ramp. At the middle of the ramp there was a pool under a hydrolic flap which funcioned as a main actor whilas at the end of the play King Lear and Cordelia was being drawned in it's black waters. I designed elegant, clean cut stylised costumes loyal to the main style of the period. I used black leather and black glimmering fabrics which helped to create the dark but also magnicific atmospher of the tragedy.

King Lear and Cordelia by Bernard Patridge

(Note: I took the above photograph of the painting of King Lear and Cordelia by Benjamin West today at the Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens, San Marino, CA). ..Maurice.

King Lear And Cordelia
He also reveals that he ordered King Lear and Cordelia to be killed in prison

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Scene 2: The English and French forces fight, and King Lear and Cordelia are captured

myopic statement as the play's forgetting King Lear and Cordelia

King Lear and Cordelia, who have been taken prisoner, are brought in

King Lear and Cordelia, 1776 (etching and aquatint with India ink)