Louis Riel was no hero, Letter Nov. 26

Louis Riel SHOULD be exonerated.

Louis Riel WAS a CHAMPION for his people.

Louis Riel was a HERO for his people.

WHO did they have to fight for their causes?

His people were on the verge of starvation.

Their living conditions were horrible.

Their rights were VIOLATED in every way imaginable.


Louis Riel was NOT a traitor.

Thomas Scott should NOT have been killed.

Our European ancestors committed MANY WRONGS against the Metis of Manitoba.

They bullied, plundered, stole, purged, forced, dominated, robbed and took what they wanted WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT, REGARD OR CONCERN for the Metis of Manitoba.

How would WE FEEL if our First Nations people DID THIS EXACT SAME THING to us and to our ancestors; if the roles were reversed?

Would we want to RISE UP and fight back?

Would we want to take up arms for justice and for the cause of our people?

I agree with MP Pat Martin that it is TIME to RIGHT the WRONGS of our past and some parts of our painful history.

Exonerating Louis Riel is a VERY GOOD first step in acknowledging one of these mistakes from our past, in taking ownership, responsibility and accountability for it and trying to RIGHT this WRONG.

Louis Riel should be hailed as a HERO and a CHAMPION for the cause of the improved Human Rights of his people, the Metis people of Manitoba.

Let us RIGHT this historical wrong from our past and let us do it expeditiously.

It is TIME!

Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor?

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Was Louis Riel a hero and a martyr or just a criminal? Even after 120 years the jury is still out, although it leans towards Riel as a bonefide Father of Confederation or, at least, a patriot.

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To answer the question "Is Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor?" I chose to make a short documentary entitled "Louis Riel: A Canadian Hero". As can be deduced by the title, I believe the Louis Riel was and still is a national hero to Canada. My film gives a brief background of what led to Louis Riel becoming a hero and then explains his historical and current legacy as a heroic leader of the Métis people. This is achieved by combining a number of different elements. To begin with, I wrote and narrated a script for the film that explains and ties together the various elements of the story. As is typical of a documentary film, the narration is not long. As part of this project, I conducted an interview with Jean Teillet, a lawyer who has represented the Metis in numerous cases, including the recent Manitoba Metis Federation case, and who is herself not only a Metis person, but a descendant of Louis Riel. The rest of the documentary is constructed of photographs from Louis Riel's time and from the modern era. The interesting challenge was to edit the photographs, the interview, and the narration together into a film that is compelling to watch and tells the story. In order to make the film even more compelling, I composed an original musical score and performed it as well using a professional music composing program called Logic.

Why is Louis Riel a hero?
Louis Riel Traitor or Hero

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One of the endlessly wonderful questions we ask ourselves often in the world of Canadian history is was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor. The questions has just about as many points of view as we have citizens in the country. How can we approach this question except by arguing both sides of the issue, so here we go.

Louis Riel as a Hero or Villian The story of Louis Riel began on October 28th 1844

Q: Is Louis Riel a hero or a villain

Was Louis Riel a Hero or a Traitor?

To be a hero or a traitor are the two distinct and opposite course in human history. Louis Riel was been a hero for the French Canadians and a traitor for the English Canadians as well. The person who defends the rights of the Metis and also the one who stops the government’s plan. Usually a man could only be a hero if his actions and motivation is for the good and welfare of a group of people or for an individual without in the absence of personal interest and advantage even it endangers his life. While, a traitor, is the opposite, he is a man who jeopardizes the life, welfare and well being of an individual or group of individual for the seek of his own fulfillment and selfishness. A lot of people disagree on this issue that Riel is a traitor or a hero. Each with own different opinions and different backgrounds. Where the government wrong for that decision? Or not. In the case of Louis Riel, the question of whether he is a hero or a traitor is left hanging and debatable in every Canadians and still lingers up to the present. Whatever your viewpoints, Mr. Riel is really a hero to the Metis, as he sacrifices his life for the seek of justice and recognition of the rights of the minorities. To the government point of view, he is a traitor as he opposes and fight against the government to move for expansion to the west.

Does a man could be a traitor if he fight what he believe is right for the injustices that have been done to his people by the strong and powerful imperialist and oppressive government?

For me, Riel is a hero. What happened that time was a harsh judgement and oppressive rule. The government expands westward and found a Metis settlement, they didn’t even care about it. They continued to survey the land without authority to them. The government just set them aside and do their work. It was a complete immorality for the government, not recognizing the Metis...

Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor

Was Louis Riel a hero and a martyr or just a criminal

If you think Louis Riel was a Hero. You need to assess his accomplishments and what they did for the Metis history. In this life time Riel was named the Secretary for the National Committee of the Red River Metis and people came to him for advice instead of the president. Riel was well aware of about McDougall's approach to the boundary at Pembina. On November 2nd, Riel and 120-armed Metis marched through the open gate at Fort Garry and took power of the ambulant storage of food and the fortress itself. Riel also claimed other fortresses for the Metis and eventually the president of the National Committee of the Red River Metis resigned and gave the position of president to Louis Riel. These are some of the many reasons that society today sees Louis Riel as a hero in Canadian history and they admire him. Although as you read you will see the reasons that society thinks of this man as an embarrassment in our history.