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Two Gents production of Kupenga Kwa Hamlet (The Madness of Hamlet)
Directed by Arne Pohlmeier
In Association with the Watermill Theatre

The award-winning Two Gents Productions return to London with a radical new take on Shakespeare's revenge tragedy.

In a world of unyielding beliefs and ritual, Hamlet returns home to find his father buried, his mother remarried and the spirit world in turmoil. Burdened by misgivings Hamlet strives to set things right. On a bare stage, with bold Zimbabwean traditional movement and song two audacious performers tear down and rebuild Hamlet to create an urgent, poetic and spiritual reimagining of Shakespeare's classic tale.

Developed in Zimbabwe, using the 'bad' quarto text (shorter, corrupt, pirated, but the first version to be published), the piece premiered at HIFA 2010 (Harare International Festival of the Arts). Originally commissioned by The Watermill Theatre, Newbury and celebrated at the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, Poland this summer, Kupenga Kwa Hamlet premieres in London at Oval House Theatre for a limited three week run.

Ticket Prices: £12 / £6 concs
Previews: 16th and 17th November, all tickets £6.00

Free Post-Show discussions:
Tues 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Tuesday 30th November
BSL performance: Thurs 2nd Dec
Days/time: Tuesday – Saturday 7.45pm

Oval House Theatre, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW
Booking: 020 7582 7680 / (no fee)

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The King is so shocked at the murder of Polonius that he immediately makes arrangements to send him to England. He secretly orders Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to kill him as soon as he reaches England. The King is now surely convinced about the madness of Hamlet.

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Claudius and the Queen, Gertrude, are worried about the strange behavior of Prince Hamlet. They want to know about the madness of Hamlet. For this purpose, Claudius calls the two former school fellows of Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Claudius tells them to find out whether Prince Hamlet has really gone made or he is just acting. The Queen also endorses the point of the King. Meanwhile, Polonius enters and he informs the King that Cornellius and Voltimand have returned from Norway with good news. The two envoys inform the King that the King of Norway has prevented Fortinbras from waging war with Denmark. Polonius try to convince the King that the madness of Hamlet is due to his daughter, Ophelia, who has rejected the love of Hamlet. He also explains that he has forbidden his daughter to encourage Hamlet’s advances and now she acts upon his advice.

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The tragedy has only the salient features (namely the title, thefraticide and the cunning madness of Hamlet) in common with theFrench novel. The tragedy only adopts four characters directly, andeven these with altered names. In Saxo Grammaticus th old murderedking is called Horwendillus, not Hamlet, and the fraticide is namedFengo, not Claudius. The queen bears the name Gerutha, not Gertrude,while the hero is called Amlethus.

Two Gentlemen production of Kupenga Kwa Hamlet (The Madness of Hamlet)

They want to know about the madness of Hamlet.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare brings together a theme of madness with two characters, one truly mad, and one only acting mad to serve a motive. We can see this point through two characters namely Hamlet and Ophelia. The madness of Hamlet is frequently disputed. Ophelia's breakdown and Hamlet's brand of insanity argue for Hamlet having a method to his seeming insanity. The play offers a character on each side of sanity. While Shakespeare does not directly put Ophelia's insanity, or breakdown, against Hamlet's own madness, there is indeed a clear accuracy in Ophelia's condition and a clear uncertainty in Hamlet's madness. Obviously, Hamlet's character offers more evidences, while Ophelia's breakdown is quick, but more conclusive in its precision.

continues that "the pretended madness of Hamlet causes much mirth", i.e

The madness of Hamlet is frequently disputed

The Madness of Hamlet performed at the Busan Shakespeare Festival.

Tammy Louise Rak as Hamlet
Rachel Mikolajczyk as Hamlet 1
Stephanie Seaman as Hamlet 2

Edited and Directed by Victoria Anderson