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While the Mending Wall gives the benefits of not living in isolation, A Rose for Emily highlights the difficulties and problems that arise due to living in isolation. Both of these literacy works show how it is difficult to break from our traditions as highlighted by Emily and the neighbor.

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In the Mending Wall, the mere existence of the wall between the property of the narrator and his neighbor, gives them the chance to forge a quality relationship. The existence of the wall enables them to maintain a sense of personal identity and individuality as farmers. One is a pine tree farmer while the other is an apple tree farmer. In addition, the annual meeting of the two to mend the wall gives the two men a chance to interact and socialize with one another – something that could not occur in an isolated environment. Their meeting to repair the wall allows them to forge their relationship far more if they decided to remain isolated in their separate properties.

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Mending Wall is the first full length album by Toronto-based band Chalk Circle. Named after a Robert Frost poem, it was released in 1987 by Duke Street Records.

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