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The bestselling graphic novel on Canada's infamous folk hero is back in a paperback edition with a new cover by Chester Brown. Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography is the book that launched the graphic novel medium in Canada. Brown received the Harvey Award for best writing and best graphic novel, and made several Best of the Year lists. Publishers Weekly hailed the book as a "contender for best graphic novel ever."

Chester Brown reinvents the comic book medium to create a historical biography on Louis Riel. He crafts a compelling and meticulous retelling of the charismatic 19th-century Metis leader, regarded by some as a martyr and by others as a treacherous murderer. Canadian history at its best, Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography is entertaining and accessible for all ages.

"If you love to read a gripping story, if you are awed by the talent of an artist, then look no further: Chester Brown's Louis Riel is comix history in the making, and with it, history never looked so good." -Globe and Mail

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Louis Riel, circa 1876. The Metis leader died fighting for rights that, 135 years after his death, remain ungranted by Canada, writes Janique Dubois.

Gabriel Dumont - Metis Military Leader

first Great Metis leader, Cuthbert Grant Jr., who declared that the Metis had a collective identity, rights to Rupert's Land, rights to remain free-ranging, and rights to the food supply. The Pemmican Wars ended with the Battle at Seven Oaks, when troops who had captured the Metis fort were then forced to relinquish it back to Grant and the Metis.

Gabriel Dumont was the Metis military leader. He was a famous buffalo hunter who had led the hunt for many years.
2nd Great Metis leader, Louis Riel, in which he led a provisional government for the interest of the Metis, to preserve Metis land, resources, and way of life, a rebellion which ended at the Battle of Batoche (1885), resulting in Louis Riel being unfairly hanged.In an area west of Ontario province that today is the city of Winnipeg, trouble had been brewing while negotiations were underway to transfer the area to Canadian territory. The area was a former Indian trading center. By the 1860s it was peopled by a blend of Indian and French personas called Métis. They were French speaking and Catholic and resented the influx of English speaking Protestants from Ontario who had begun pouring into the area. The Metis declared that any attempt by Canada to assume authority would be contested, and they seized the fort in the area, Fort Garry. They arrested members of a pro-Canada faction opposed to them, and they executed one of pro-Canada faction for having threatened to kill the Metis leader Louis Riel. Canada sent a military expedition. Riel (in his mid-twenties) fled to the United States. Talks were conducted, followed by an act by Canada's parliament, the Manitoba Act of 1870, that paved the way for Manitoba's entry into the Canadian Confederation as its fifth province. The Métis were guaranteed title to the lands they already farmed, language rights and the right to denominational schools. On November 8, 1873, Winnipeg was incorporated as a city.
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Our organization also recognizes the contributions of other Metis leaders, such as Gabriel Dumont and Charles Langlade, among others. We do not define ourselves solely on what happened at Batoche. It is well documented that the kinship of these leaders were often intermingled. What Louis Riel did for the Metis in the 1880s was a continuation of what his predecessor and extended kin Cuthbert Grant Jr. did in the 1810s.

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Louis Riel, Metis leader of the Red River Rebellion and Northwest Rebellion in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the late 1800s. He was exiled from Canada and still managed to find time to help found the province of Manitoba. Also, he was convicted of treason and was executed in 1885. All because he stood up against the Eastern-run government for the rights of indiginous peoples in the West.

Ambroise Dydime Lepine, Metis leader and son. [ca. 1880s] | See more about Dates and Search.

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In 1999, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and its President, Harry Daniels (famed Metis leader and social activist), sought an answer to this question. But 16 years of litigation later, the Metis of Canada still don’t have a complete one, and Harry Daniels has since passed away.