How much money is spent on space exploration each year?

The Treasury pointed out that every pound of public money spent on space exploration produced a £10 return for the UK economy. Britain's leadership of the ExoMars mission would create more than 200 new jobs and "vital spin-off technologies".

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People often criticize the amount of money spent on space exploration.

Should money be spent on Space Exploration

This is kind of a "money spent on space exploration could have been better spent on more worthwhile things" kind of logical fallacy argument, but... I read that the raw computation power used for mining bitcoins is now exa-obscene (and, granted, we already waste a lot of monies on video games and horrible movies). Couldn't we expend that computing power on more worthwhile projects? Anyone have an idea how many protein folding solutions, or controlled fusion simulations, or BEC spin resonance scenarios, etc., bitcoin processing could have done so far?

Should Money Be Spent on Space Exploration

NASA Center for Aerospace InformationActual costs were a touch higer at a bit over 25 Billion Dollars. Liberals don’t do research, is that a moment of truth or is that also satire. In any case, the cost of space exploration was a steal when compared to ROI. Just about everything electronic and useful has its nexus with the space program. Besides which is more beneficial, the money spent on space exploration or the 15 Billion Bush sent to the rat hole in Aftrica for AIDS treatments? It would be one thing if all this money spent on welfare kept the beasts out of our country so we could live in peace, just as we did for a few hundred years. But no, we have to waste our treasure on races not deserving of our works and still we have open borders to them. It just doesn’t make any sense to play the game this way when the only outcome is failure. We all we go down, liberal, conservative, communist, it doesn’t matter, no escape to OZ, the moon or anywhere else.

Is the promise of unspecified future benefits to humanity enough to justify the vast amount of money spent on space exploration?
I believe the large sums of money spent on space exploration are well worth the time and money when it works. When it doesn't work the money spent is lost and could have done so much if spent on other areas. However you don't know when a project will be successful or not until you have taken action. I always wonder about space exploration because NASA spends so much money and time and the improvements as far as physical proof of achievement is few and far between. When space exploration works the world watches in excitement and when it doesn't it's just another failed mission. I guess there is a lot of patience and research that goes into a field that deals with facets of life that are not tangible.Since the beginning of the space era, it has been argued that the money spent on space exploration should rather be used on meeting the needs of the underprivileged. "If our nation can spend � twenty billion dollars to put a man on the moon, it can spend billions of dollars to put God's children on their own two feet right here on earth." � were stating respected figures like Martin Luther King Jr.
How much money is spent on manned space exploration?

A huge amount of money spent on space exploration is used for ..

4. The Economy – NASA does not launch buckets of cash into space. The majority of the money spent on space exploration goes toward the salaries of thousands of skilled American workers who make NASA’s missions so successful. For more on this, and its connection to the recent Mars rover budget scare, check .

Is Money Spent on Space Exploration a Waste?

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1. The money spent on manned space exploration is spent right here on Earth and most of it is spent in the US. We do not yet have a Bank of the Milky Way, the First International Bank of Mars, or a Lunar Mutual Savings and Loan. The money that is spent goes to manufacturing, research and development, salaries, benefits, insurance companies, doctors, teachers, scientists, students, blue- and white-collar workers, and corporations and businesses both large and small. The money disperses throughout the economy in the same way as money spent on medical research, building houses, or any other activity we engage in with government or even private spending.

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What is the amount of money spent on Space Exploration?

The fundamental questions about our universe that space missions and telescopes are trying to answer are some of the most profound and difficult questions it is possible to ask. That forces us to think outside the box and craft new ways of doing things. Of course, it is almost always impossible to predict which exact benefits will come from answering these questions. Is the promise of some unspecified future benefit to humanity enough to justify the vast amount of money spent on space exploration?