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The next step is to take that list of statements and match them with positive experiences in your life in which your multilingual abilities or multicultural background helped you resolve a problem or communicate better with another person. "It's similar to creating a life resume," says Tulin. Yet because so many of your life experiences become distant memories, you have to ponder the past, target such situations and write them down.

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How to engage patients from multicultural backgrounds

In an attempt to explicate how children with various cultural backgrounds come to an understanding of who they are, I have analyzed three cases in the light of social representations (MOSCOVICI, 2000) while focusing on the dialogues of positions (HERMANS et al., 1994). Looking at multicultural individuals it has become apparent that while the theory of the dialogical self has great potential and explicates various important features in need of clarification when discussing the construction of multicultural selves, it is equally necessary to justly describe the figured world in which positions have been marked. In this study, the theory of social representations was employed for such descriptions. Closely analyzing social representations will help understand how various positions are marked and in which hierarchical order. Describing these positions with the help of social representations may clarify why some children experience difficulties when developing within a multicultural background and others do not. Before discussing exactly how the children in my study have used various social representations to mediate their sense of who they are, I will discuss some important features of the theory of the dialogical self which have proven to be especially helpful in analyzing the construction of the self of multicultural persons. []

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I would like to share a few ideas for expat parents to teach children about the language, culture, and flora and fauna of your native land so that they have a deeper appreciation for their multicultural background.

The mainstream mental health Consumer movement has grown exponentially in the past 40 years. However, the culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) mental health Consumer movement is still evolving in Australia. Some states have dedicated services for people of multicultural backgrounds called Transcultural services, whilst others have none. Some states and territories have CaLD Consumer representative programs whilst others have none. The AGMC Inc is a peak body for individuals/groups from a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer multicultural background. The AGMC Inc aims to represent the interests of Australian GLBTIQ individual/groups from a multicultural background. It does this primarily by recognising the interests of GLBTIQ multicultural individuals/groups and raising their profile within the wider GLBTIQ and multicultural communities.

The AGMC Inc. encourages the participation and contribution of GLBTIQ from a Multicultural background within GLBTIQ and multicultural communities.

It aims to promote, enable and disseminate knowledge on issues relevant to GLBTIQ multicultural individuals/groups through discussion, research, publishing and other means.

The AGMC Inc promotes, enhances and enables the health and wellbeing of culturally diverse GLBTIQ individuals/groups within an Australian context. The AGMC Inc does this by:

--- referring individuals and organisations to relevant Multicultural GLBTIQ groups,
--- being a point of contact for Multicultural GLBTIQ individuals who are seeking support,
--- conducting and/ or supporting research activities specifically relating to Multicultural GLBTIQ and,
--- providing assistance for both support and social activities undertaken by Multicultural groups.
Erin Meyer Leading Across Borders Takes More Than A Multicultural Background

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A greater understanding and awareness of lifestyle, experiences, attitudes and culture of people from multicultural backgrounds by sports coaches and clubs can help promote social inclusion in communities. It will encourage participation and support positive sporting and social experiences of every member of your club or community group.

these perceptions and the teachers multicultural background and demographic factors ..

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Are you bilingual or multilingual? Whether English is your first or second language, your linguistic skills make you valuable in the workforce. In fact, companies that recognize and reward such abilities with extra pay tend to have better retention and satisfaction rates among workers than companies that remain neutral. If your employer falls into the latter group, don't be shy about demonstrating the benefits of your multicultural background.

The more multicultural background during teacher education, the older.

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The next step is to take that list you made and match them with positive experiences in your life in which your multicultural background or multilingual abilities helped you resolve a problem or communicate better with another person. It’s similar to creating a life resume. Yet because so many of our life experiences become distant memories, you have to ponder the past, target such situations and write them down. Your multicultural assets must be presented in a manner that proves that you can help drive a company’s business goals.