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Black tie – 4 months ago when I was secretly Googling this pair of words, my friends in Mizoram (India) caught me from behind, gave a 2-hour lecture and ended up gifting me some dressing items – what awesome friends I have! Well, it was my first day at school and I thought wearing national dress would be a more humble way to present myself. But is India not known for its rich diversity? One dress, one religion, one language, one dance – these are not even theoretical concepts in India. I ended up wearing three pieces representing India (Kurta), Assam (Gamocha) and an Assamese tribe (Mising kamij). Funny combination? I admit, but c’mon, who knew me here?

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My parents were so busy after school, they often couldn’t take time to hear what I had to say about school or my complaints about my two older brothers. So…., I discovered if I wrote down my complaints and what I wanted to say about my day at school and stuck it on the dining room table where I knew my parents would end up eventually, I would be heard when they read my letter. Tattle-taleing was the highlight of the day. I remember the day my brothers told me not to dangle my feet when sitting on the bed or the ankle grabbers would pull me under the bed, take me to their secret hiding place, and keep me until I was 20. I remember the day they told me there was someone lurking behind the shower curtain and if I didn’t check it out every single time I was in the bathroom, I’d be jumped. I am now an adult with three grown children and I still look behind the shower curtain every time I enter anyone’s bathroom. These became the subjects of my first book, Happy Apple Told Me. See that. Just start leaving messages for your parents and you’re an author.

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Kekoa and Michelle were my leader for Challenge day. I love them both. Challenge day is awesome, I mean I never thought that I would open up to anyone. When we had to cross the line I think everyone about cried, but it was nice and we got to bond with one another. The day after Challenge the kids that where in my day at school, we see each other and we give each other the biggest hugs ever. Challenge Day is Amazing.

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“There is never a dull moment at Landon,” Sears says. “When I was telling a friend from the legal community about my day at school — doing research projects, discussing stereotypes in ethics class, taking a co-ed group to the Kreeger Museum to discuss art with seniors suffering with Alzheimer’s, and taking the boys on the road for a tennis match — she said it sounded like a lot more fun than interpreting legislation and writing briefs; and it is.”

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As I lay on my bed looking at the fish tank, I thought about how weird my day at school had been – my first day as a multi-millionaire. The day would go along normally and then I’d remember I was rich, and I’d get a little jolt. I’d drift off into a daydream for a bit, and then something would bring me back to school. I'd pay attention to school for a while, and then … another jolt.

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It was 3-40 PM when the day’s activity came to an end, giving us three hours to prepare for the opening dinner at Rhodes house. To be honest, I didn’t want my first day at school to come to an end so early; I absorbed myself in watching the portraits hanged in the lobby and staircases. It was a great feeling to be where you always wanted to be. A bit of self-contentment made me nostalgic. But soon I was interrupted by the growing whispers whose summary was ‘what are you wearing for today’s black-tie event?’