It is already virtually impossible for Customs to intercept paper anabolic steroids. For example, even if Customs intercepts a package containing a piece of paper with square grids printed on it, it still looks like a harmless piece of paper.


If you are planning on trying paper anabolic steroids, good luck. You'll probably get robbed blind.

Currently there are 3 types of Paper Anabolics:

Paper Anabolics are an excellent chemical alternative to their tablet counterparts not only by virtue of the extremely high delivery success rates, but because many reports in suggest that users will experience greater gains with less negative side effects, e.g. stomach complaints, etc. We attribute this latter factor to our not using any binders or fillers, as you will find in tablets.

The difference between steroid pills and paper anabolics

Paper Anabolics are steroids manufactured by sandwiching the chemical powder between 2 sheets of rice paper. The paper sheet has square grids lightly printed on the top sheet and each sheet is if I would havce to guess around,1mm thick and flexible. You obviously will orally ingest the squares after cutting the individual squares from the sheet with scissors or a knife. Being that the paper comes into play the quality of the product ensures there is no spillage and each square contains equal dose of steroid.

Estimates place the counterfeit rate for paper anabolic steroids at 98%+.
In 2001, the police and DEA busted GetWood. William immediately fled the country. Old George wasn’t so lucky, and spent some time in a Thai prison. William reportedly paid one of the most powerful lawyers in Pattaya to pay a Thai man to say that all of the powder belonged to him. This is normal in Thailand. Most lawyers have Thai people who will admit to everything if they are paid enough money. It could be speculated that the real reason for this bust was not the Paper anabolics at all, but the fact that U.S. customs noticed more and more Viagra was smuggled into the USA. And the U.S. protects their taxpayers (Pfizer).Storage: Paper Anabolics will keep for at least a year or two although probablybest kept out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. For convenience you can cutyour daily dosage and slip it in your wallet while the rest would do well storedin a zip-lock/jiffy bag then in a cool, dark place. The primary reason for our pursuing and developing the Paper Anabolics conceptwas to counter customer concerns for ordering overseas (e.g. from AmazingThailand) certain forms of anabolic steroids. For example, a bodybuilding steroid user in the U.S. might order a paper anabolic steroid sheet of dianabol or stanozolol, with 250 to 500 individual squares of 10 mg.+ of the drug contained per square. If the user wanted to take 20 mg of stanozolol, he would simply take scissors or a knife, cut off two squares, and then ingest two squares of a 10 mg. per square stanozolol product currently widely available on the internet.Simply put, paper anabolic steroids are most commonly sheets of highly absorbent edible rice paper soaked and saturated with the steroid drug of choice. These sheets of rice paper containing the steroid drugs are then printed over with an intersecting square grid, and steroid drug users then cut off the individual squares to ingest the desired quantity of the drug. Paper anabolic steroids are similar to old-fashioned blotter acid LSD from the late 1960's.Some smugglers are reportedly experimenting with shipping other kinds of paper anabolic steroids to avoid detection. Now, overseas pharmacies don't print any squares on the paper, or take it even further.
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What exactly are paper anabolic steroids

Many underground overseas pharmacies selling anabolic steroids to customers in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Australia (where anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription from a licensed medical doctor) have recently started heavily marketing and selling paper anabolic steroids.

Here are some of the reasons why Paper Anabolics continue to grow in popularity and why many have converted over from tablets:

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The primary reason for pursuing and developing the Paper Anabolics concept was to counter customer concerns for ordering overseas (e.g. from Amazing Thailand) certain forms of .

This is why smugglers have begun heavily marketing and distributing paper anabolic steroids: they are easy to get through Customs.

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