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Richard is Consultant Breast Surgeon at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust and IOW NHS Primary Care Trust having taken up the post in the summer of 2007. He moved from Royal Free and University College Medical School London where he had been Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Surgeon and Head of Breast Services at UCH since 2000, having been previously been a Consultant Surgeon in Huddersfield for 12 years. He has retained his ongoing research programme at UCH concerning the mechanisms of breast cancer,he is also actively involved in advising government bodies on the optimisation of breast services. He has written several books and many scientific papers on breast cancer. He joined the team in 2001.

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Writing a breast cancer research paper is a great opportunity to learn a lot about a very important subject. Writing a cancer research paper or a lung cancer research paper also gives you the opportunity to educate others on research, prevention, and cancer treatments. Unfortunately, because cancer is such a complicated topic, figuring out where to begin can be extremely difficult. Have you figured out what topic will be the focus of your breast cancer paper? Do you know what the thesis of your research paper on cancer is going to be? If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” then let’s begin by looking at some topic ideas for your research paper on breast cancer.

Research paper on breast cancer

There are so many angles to consider in writing a research paper on breast cancer, you are sure to find something that peaks your interest. Healthcare costs are known to be expensive but what able ways to make it more affordable? What about healthcare coverage and how it compares to other countries? Think about providing information that can be useful to others on the topic.

Research Paper On Breast Cancer
These are just a few facts that you may include into a research paper on breast cancer. These facts also mean that although breast cancer is one of the main reasons for women’s death, it can be cured and prevented.

This is why we advise you to focus on myths and real facts about the disease when writing your breast cancer research paper.

If you think it is not enough for good research papers on breast cancer, include the following information.

Breast cancer research papers: risk factors

Discuss the following factors that increase the chances of having breast cancer:Expression profiling has been extensively applied to the study of breast cancer and undoubtedly is changing the way breast cancer is perceived. Over the past few years, several groups have described prognostic “signatures” (gene lists) that are purported to be more accurate prognostic factors than well established clinical and pathological features. In addition, cDNA and oligonucleotide microarrays have also been used to devise predictive “signatures” in the setting of neoadjuvant chemotherapy setting. However, it seems that the enthusiasm with this new technology has led most of us to turn a blind eye to some serious methodological problems which are evident in landmark papers on breast cancer expression profiling. These issues include small and biased cohorts of patients, inappropriate statistical analysis and lack of thorough validation of the technology. In this review, we critically revisit the most relevant cDNA microarray studies on breast cancer prognosis and prediction published to date. Although the results are promising, further optimisation and standardisation of the technique and properly designed clinical trials are required before microarrays can reliably be used as tools for clinical decision making.Breast cancer research papers: lowering the risk

Telling how to lower risk factors and thus prevent breast cancer seems to be really important. In your research paper on breast cancer, you can give several tips on how to make a breast self-exam. Do not forget to mention annual mammograms as one of the most effective ways to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer research papers: talking about daily problems

Sure, women who are diagnosed breast cancer continue to live their everyday lives, but this diagnose changes something for sure. In your research paper on breast cancer, mention the following problems: paying treatment costs, managing pain and fatigue, having intimate relations, etc.

Breast cancer research papers: treatment and side effects

Tell about such common ways to cure breast cancer as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, surgery, and some others. Describe side effects of each treatment.
Reading our articles about a and might be interesting as well.Dr. Sanghani is a member of the American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, the American College of Radiation Oncology, and the American Brachytherapy Society. She has published multiple papers on breast cancer, prostate cancer, and the use of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. Additionally, she has presented her research at numerous society meetings including the American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, the American College of Radiation Oncology, the American Urological Association, and the Society of Surgical Oncology.
national fellowship and published four papers on breast cancer research

papers on breast cancer expression profiling

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He has written several books and many scientific papers on breast cancer.

published papers on breast cancer in the past decade and

Apart, from the above tips related to the topic, there are also few general guidelines from adepts working in sphere that will help you to present an ideal paper on breast cancer.

Ideas for Research Papers on Breast Cancer for Students Interested in Science and Medicine

Breat cancer research paper outline

The nation’s largest breast cancer advocacy group, NBCC publishes fact sheets and position papers on breast cancer issues and an excellent Guide to Quality Breast Cancer Care.