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These five quotes seem to imply a strong, ancient, and intrinsic relationship that exists between the two prevalent themes of power and corruption in Macbeth. There is a great deal of power in Macbeth that seems to be held in mystical and peculiar places. While the basic kings and queens of ages past have held power and most certainly corruption, as shown by King and Lady Macbeth's corrupt slaughter to obtain power. Clearly when power weights the mind down too long, it leaves the mind too laden to operate on an optimal, and sane level. As such we view this ideals of power and corruption in our quotes. Our first quote shows a prediction made by the witches. An oncoming power and prophetical dominance is expressed by the witches' statement. There are mountains of evidence to show that macbeth has been so tainted by his corrupt act of killing duncan, his power as king, and his corrupt killings of macduff's family and banquo. This is an actual cyclical pattern produced by power and corruption that is present throughout the story of macbeth.

11/25/2009: Power and Corruption in Macbeth

Power Authority And Corruption In Macbeth Essay

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Power and Corruption in Macbeth - compare and contrast the life of a doomed leader to Macbeth. The Crucible - produce a playbill for the theatrical production.

The power polluted his mind with corruption until death.

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Power and corruption are some of the major themes presented in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth

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