Materials you will send to PTCAS are:

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Obsessing over the 2014-2015 PTCAS Applicant Data with my classmate.

All applicants to the DPT program at WVU must apply through the PTCAS system.


4. But … Start the application early. Although I don’t think the application needs to be sent right away, they definitely need to be started early. It takes a long time to fill out everything on PTCAS (including typing in details about every college class you’ve ever taken), and you want to leave yourself plenty of time to write your essay and gather your recommendation letters.

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PTCAS is the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service. This service streamlines the admissions process for students, and allows students to apply to multiple programs using a single application. More information can be found on the PTCAS website ().

After I submit my application to PTCAS, how long will it take to find out if I am accepted?
Read all PTCAS and program-specific instructions in order to properly complete the application process, including the submission of transcripts, references, test scores, PT observations hours, essay, custom materials, and other important items.PLEASE NOTE: Once submitted through PTCAS, your application may be listed as "complete" in the PTCAS portal. However, in order for your application to be considered complete by our Program standards, all additional supplemental materials and documentation must be submitted through PTCAS by November 1, 2015. Applicants must self-manage their application through PTCAS to assure all required credentials and documents are submitted by the deadlines identified below. Most physical therapy schools require applicants to take the . See the ETS website for more information on preparing for and taking the GRE. GRE submission requirements vary by school since there is no GRE code for PTCAS. Students must direct ETS to send scores to individual schools. PTCAS has a by PTCAS participating schools.Each physical therapy school has specific application/deadline submission dates which are noted on individual websites. is the centralized application service that many physical therapy schools use, however not all physical therapy programs participate in PTCAS. Current are on the PTCAS website. It is important for you to know the deadline dates for the schools/programs that you plan to apply as well as any requirements needed. Most applications become available in the summer. (The Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) usually comes online in July.)
weeee here we go o_o PTCAS just opened today, but I’m determined to have everything done ASAP

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For consideration in the current admissions cycle, the PTCAS application must be submitted by October 1, 2015. Be sure to complete the school specific questions.

Officially started my application for PT/graduate school! #nervous #ptcas #shitsgettingreal

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PTCAS charges application fees based on the number of schools to which you apply. Please refer to the PTCAS website () for more information on these fees.

So much to accomplish to have my PTCAS application ready to submit by September 1st

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