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Ronojoy: NGT also gave three reasons primarily for pollution, vehicular pollution is one but they also spoke about garbage burning and building material. So, apart from just vehicular pollution has the NGT said anything to the government in terms of the other two key reasons for pollution in the city?

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There are several reasons for water pollution

Uncontrolled sewage runoff and disposal of garbage into the water bodies are the reasons for pollution of surface water. Irattaikuttai, Kuranattukkuttai, Konerikuttai and Podhigaikuttai of Mamallapuram have been transformed into dumping sites for garbage and sewage. Mamallapuram alone produces more than 4 lakh litres of waste water and 9 tonnes of garbage daily. Without any treatment they are directly discharged into land and water. This has led to the contamination of surface water and causes foul odour and breeding of mosquitoes in stagnant water. Water borne communicable diseases proliferate through contaminated water.

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In the afternoon students did some water research in a local stream. They got some information on chemical water analysis, the reasons for pollution and the consequences. In the evening there was a school festival for all international guests. Parents and teachers prepared typical German food and did a barbecue. After dinner parents, international teachers and students had enough time to do conversation and get to know each other. Many international students played basketball in international teams or they enjoyed some music in the school disco.

There are many reasons for air pollution, both natural and man-made.

• Fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural farms, homeowners lawns, and roadsides are a threat to the natural water source. When runoff into local streams or rivers or when drained down into groundwater, they contaminate the water completely.

• Mining is another major reason for water pollution. Heavy metals and sulfur components which are buried in the earth are exposed during mining and during rainfall these toxic chemicals are exposed, which ultimately result in "acid rain drainage"

• Surprising though it may seem, air pollution is also a cause of water pollution. Pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, nitric acid, and mercury, when deposited out of air results in nutrient pollution and acidification of lakes. How many times have you heard a local neighbor of a downwinder say something like, "I've lived here all my life and never once got sick from that stuff," even while the block they live on might be a cancer hotspot? There are lots of reasons for pollution not affecting everyne equally. One is the […]Proper disposal of electronic wastes, reducing environmental footprint, controlling litter, encouraging green buildings and other household alternatives to toxic products are a few ways of reducing pollution. One of the major reasons for pollution is the use of plastics. Since these are non-biodegradable, they reduce the fertility of the soil, reduce water table levels and also potentially harm aquatic life. The use of conventional petroleum based plastics should be limited and the use of the recently discovered biodegradable plastics should be encouraged. P2 does not call for cutting down needs, but it urges finding alternatives and cutting down on greed.
At an industrial level too, P2 saves on-site storage space of harmful wastes, disposal costs and most of all, improves the quality of life of the employees thereby increasing their productivity. Source reduction is definitely a better way to save on expenditure than an end-of-pipe control of the harmful pollutants. A comprehensive pollution prevention program encourages the concept of ‘reduce, recycle, reprocess and reuse’ – a concept that has to reach the masses and needs to be implemented at all levels of production and usage.Objectives:The students will be able to list severalacceptable and unacceptable reasons for polluting and determine for themselveswhy they may or may not be acceptable.
could be other reasons for pollution violations being committed by the officer

Plastic bottles and bags are not the main reasons for pollution

There are but two reasons for pollution: Ignorance or economic. By these days, ignorance should the lesser cause. In China, with state ownership of most major industries there is little downside to willful polluting. Pollution abatement adds costs and failure to abate pollution has no immediate consequences. Chinese manufacturers avoid the cost, rely on political connections to suppress complaints which include beatings and detention of protesters.

Burning of fossil fuels is the main reason for pollution, but you just can't see it

The sensitive reasons for pollution accidents have been deduced

Our major cities, especially Kochi, is a most congested and air polluted city in Kerala due to high density of vehicular traffic. We have to do something to curb this menace. The Delhi Government has proposed a new initiative. This may sometimes boomerang as capable persons may buy two or more vehicles one with even number and another with odd number. Before attempting for curbs, we may look at the reasons for pollution. Our main problems are narrow roads, non-maintenance of interior roads, roadsides are not pedestrian friendly, water channels are not slabbed, lack of road maintenance, undisciplined parking, congested bell-mouths, non-existence of left free traffic etc. Due to this, the vehicles are plying very slowly which generates air pollution. Introduction of suburban train, banning of age old vehicles to city, AC buses in city, introduction of auto/two wheeler free days/roads as an experiment etc will help reduce pollution.

There are but two reasons for pollution: Ignorance or economic

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Citing burning of crop residue in Delhi's neighbouring states as one of the main reasons for pollution, the CJI appealed to the governments to announce some incentive for farmers to stop the practice.