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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (), the median salary for athletes and sports competitors was $40,060 annually as of May 2012, but top earners can make exponentially more than that. The number of jobs available for athletes and sports competitors, including professional athletes, is expected to increase slower than the average in the coming years (seven percent between 2012-2022, according to the BLS), and competition for professional positions will be extremely fierce. Professional sports athletes must be among the best performers at their chosen sports to remain employed, and they often have brief careers. There is also the potential for a serious career-ending injury at any time.

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What it pays: If you're lucky enough to make it, don't expect Tiger Woods or Lebron James-type money. The average salary for athletes is $45,000, though it varies greatly by industry and experience, among other factors. If you do end up with a salary that runs into the millions, be aware of the trappings that follow it. As ESPN's 2012 documentary "Broke" tragically showed, poor judgment on matters such as romantic relationships, investments and drugs left formerly rich athletes, including Mike Tyson and Curt Schilling, with empty bank accounts.

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Salaries for professional athletes continue to escalate each year. From Alex Rodriguez's record $252 million contract to David Beckham's $50 million per year .

Salaries for professional athletes vary with the sport. Jockeys, for example, may get a part of the purse or a set fee.
lower than the average salary for athletes

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P1: Average salary for teachers = less than average salary for athletes

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In virtue of low salary for athletes and umpire, it is easy for mafia to bribe them

Athletes' salary is full-time annual starting salary