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Once Voss moves more solidly into his own contentions about Capote's style and in particular to his assertion that Capote's much-heralded "invention" of the nonfiction novel "represents a kind of evolution or, more accurately, a kind of reinvention" (99) of the older forms of the historical novel and of true crime fiction, Voss's argument gathers particular strength, bolstered by his own copious research of the New York Public Library's Truman Capote Papers. For Voss, In Cold Blood derives in large part from Capote's grounding in the Southern Gothic tradition of writing, an attribute only accentuated by Capote's collaboration with Harper Lee during the research and writing of his novel, especially given the Southern Gothic characteristics so prominently on display in Lee's own novel To Kill a Mockingbird. For Voss, Capote's treatment of Holcomb, Kansas, as a sleepy town thrust abruptly and irrevocably into the modern sense of malaise that accompanies such a grisly murder--here, a killing not just of the Clutter family but of a whole community's (perhaps false) sense of security--cannot be separated from the Southern Gothic's own frequent recourse to the sometimes-violent "crumbling and decay of antebellum culture" and its "lingering romantic nostalgia" (47). …

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In this lesson, students will learn to examine and recognize the elements of Southern Gothic literature. In addition, students will be able to identify these elements in the short story, “A Rose For Emily, “ and analyze how the author uses details in the text to embody these characteristics. It also contains: lesson plan, a corresponding Power Point, differentiated Student Worksheets (2 total), a Southern Gothic Characteristics Handout/Printable, and a Teacher Checklist/Conference Sheet.

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and the way Popeye earned her nickname are just a few examples of events in The Miss Firecracker Contest that exemplify Southern Gothic characteristics.

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