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Spooky Old Abandoned Housean old house in Smithville Flats Chenango County NY that moved to another location and was in the process of being renovated but then abandoned

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Twelve-year-old Amy discovers an antique dollhouse in the attic, an exact miniature replica of her aunt's spooky old house. At night, the dolls appear to move on their own, recreating a gruesome crime that once took place in the house: the murder of Amy's great-grandparents. The adults blame Amy's mentally disabled sister Louann, but Amy believes the dolls are moving of their own free will, trying to tell her something about that long unresolved crime.

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Cat has much more of a humorous vibe running through it which makes watching it all the more entertaining. The silent 1927 version has some great Gothic imagery ​that has become the template for what we imagine spooky old houses are supposed to look like on film. The 1939 version with Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard may not be as stylized but it’s still a lot of fun. Even if you don’t really care for Hope, he still kills every scene and the marriage between comedy and horror has rarely been done with such fluidity as this one. A 1979 remake, which I only recommend for completists, tries its best but falls rather flat.

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Six years after Rand died, his family sold the house to a woman named Emma Cone and her husband Irving. Their relatives still own the home today. The Cones, it turned out, had very good timing. They signed the very first oil lease in Baldwin Hills in 1924. Now, the house sits in the center of the biggest urban oil field in the country. Still a spooky old house on a hill. But also a very valuable one.I remember two things – among others. I’m not senile (yet) - fromwhen I was a kid: a spooky old house in our neighborhood and a crotchetyold recluse that scared you away, keeping your ball if it fell on the roofor in the garden of his/her home. Neither was really scary, except in mychild’s imagination, but for DJ (voice of Mitchel Musso) the danger is alltoo real with the building across the street in “Monster House.”He knocked on the door, and to his surprise, it was answered rather quickly. An older man, looking to be in his late 70s, asked him what he wanted. Jeff explained his situation and asked if the man had a phone or someway to help. The old man said he was wary of travelers, but decided that Jeff looked honest enough, and let him use his phone. Jeff thanked him, and asked his name. He said his name was Joseph Palmer, and told Jeff the number of the nearest garage. Jeff made his way through to the phone, noticing that the house looked about as old inside as it did outside, and was surprised that there was even a phone at the place. He called the garage, but they said there was nothing they could do until the morning, and they would meet him at noon at his car. Mr. Palmer offered Jeff the guestroom to sleep in for the night. Jeff was a bit wary at spending the night in such a spooky old house, but decided that the walk back in the rain and sleeping in the car couldn't be much safer than staying at the house. He accepted, and was shown to the room.A skeptical reporter, hot on the heels of a sensational exclusive, accompanies a team of ghost hunters as they investigate a spooky old house that’s been the site of numerous encounters with apparitions, floating orbs and flying objects.
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By the next Halloween, the spooky old house didn’t look so spooky anymore. Some of the neighbors had mowed the grass and trimmed the trees back. Some climbed up to clean the gutters and wash the windows. The children took the old gray dog for long slow walks. Others stopped by to have muffins and ice tea and rock. And one day, someone fixed the rocking chair so it didn’t go creak, creak, creak quite so loudly.

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It all starts when Ms. Frizzles class is rehearsing Concerto for Invented Instrument. Carloss invented instrument looks great, but sounds ploopy. Ms. Frizzle takes the kids to the Sound Museum - which is a spooky old house on a lonely hill, full of mysterious sounds. The children explore the Soundscape Room, hearing sounds from jungle, mountain, sea, and city environments. In another room, the kids feel vibrations when they play giant musical instruments. They put on special glasses and see sound waves in the Sound-O-Vision room. Can Carlos learn how to get the right sound from his musical instrument in time for the concert?

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A sledgehammer. A body in the basement. A bizarre love triangle. Kinky sex, illicit drugs, counterfeit money, female impersonators - and a spooky old house. You couldn't make this stuff up.