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Excellent post Aaron. Laura and I always look forward to new ones from you and they also provide stimulating conversation topics for Todd and I. I especially appreciate your recounting of milestones in the history of Kenai Peninsula birds and ornithology. I never miss a post and I’m always tuned in though I seldom leave a comment. Keep up the posts and keep up the good work.

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For there are, despite my cynicism, nonetheless those fleeting moments in the OkCupid date in which the bad faith with which we relate to one another seems to fall away, replaced temporarily by something approaching honesty or sincerity between mutual subjectivities. The first is that moment, occurring in all but a handful of my own OkCupid dates, when the date “goes meta,” when OkCupid, as that medium which brought the date into existence, becomes itself the topic of conversation. While it’s come up, in my experience, for various reasons—lack of other stimulating conversation topics, or because, with every date, I at least have OkCupid in common—the real reason we so frequently steer our first-date conversations to OkCupid is because it fosters a sense of intimacy through the mutual acknowledgment of the elephant in the room, that site whose profiles, specter-like, haunt our real bodies.

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It was, as some people are wont to say, “a stimmy day”

Thou shalt start stimulating conversation topics at every opportunity about the price of wool in communist Russia


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