Summer School Letters - Rippon Middle School

Box 1 School activities
1 Programs and activities
Baccalaureate Sermon, May 24, 1931
Graduation Program, May 28, 1931
LaGrange Cotillion Club Dance Invitations; July 31, 1931, Aug 21, 1931, Sept 12, 1931
Summer School Letter, 1928
Glee Club Program, 1929
Class of 1948
Names, addresses and program for 1988 Reunion

2-3 Coaches notebooks, 1920s
4 Vocational Certification for Virginia Guinn, 1933
5 Graduation, Baccalaureate, 1937
6 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards, 1945-82
7 National Scholastic Press Association Awards, 1949-76
8 National School Yearbook Association Awards, 1958-76
9 Football Program, October 27, 1972
10 Honor Awards 1967-68, reunion program, 1975, graduation program, 1981
11 Georgia Scholastic Press Association Award, 1976
12 1979 Yearbook dedication to Fuller E. Callaway Jr.
13-14 Newspaper articles, Fall 1979 and Spring, 1980
15 Yearbook correspondence, 1980
16-17 Football programs, 1980-83
18 Spring sports program, 2000
19 Centennial celebration program, 2003

Evaluative Criteria, 1960 edition, National Study of Secondary School Evaluation. This book has notes by LHS school officials

Box 2 Publications and records
1-10 Unbound editions of the student newspaper, The Clarion from 1929-50

Bound editions of student newspaper, The Clarion for school years 1945-46 and 1954-55

School ledgers 1949-50 and 1950-51
Box 3 Ledgers
School ledgers 1946-49

OP 1
Drama Club 1942 Scrapbook pages
Diplomas for Martha (1932) and Virginia (1933) Guinn

OP 2
FHA 1948-49 Scrapbook
Ledger for LHS Athletic Association, 1950-51

1-26 Bound editions of the student newspaper, The Clarion, 1946-70
27-41 Bound editions of High School Headlines 1955-71

Folder 1 Yearbook photos of students and faculty dating from 1929.

Student Clubs
FHA - LaGrange, GA, 1948-49
Cotillion Club - LaGrange, GA, 1931
Women - Societies and clubs

MS-50 Lillian Clark Collection
MS-2002.15 Band Scrapbook
OP-34 Proposed new building, 1944
PST-11 Graduation, 1928
PST-27 Granger football stickers
PST-21a & b 1929 Vets season tickets
RB-004 Yearbooks, 1918-2003

LaGrange Public Schools 1903-1984, Nancy Lillian Clark and William Wates Keller, Troup County Historical Society, 1998.

SUMMER SCHOOL Parent Letter 2014 - Odessa R-VII

Summer School Letter - TRENT GRUNDMEYER

2015 Summer School Letter - TMSOD

SOL’s begin on Monday and we’ve had a great week with our SOL Spirit week. Thanks again to our SCA! Parents, please remember to ask your child for the SOL letter that was distributed last week. It can also be found on my blog a long with the summer school letter from Mrs. Potter. .

2015 Summer School Letter - Arcanum-Butler School District

Private school students who are legal residents of the Great Neck Public School District are eligible to attend the High School program with the proper documentation of failure (a letter or request form) from their home school. Private school students are asked to complete the High School application and submit it with their request for summer school letter signed by their home school guidance counselor or Principal.

Welcome To Elementary Summer School Letter
2015 Summer School Application Letters Examples

Elementary Summer School Parent Letter

Summer School Letter to Parents

Elemetary Summer School Letter, Download [PDF, 216KB]

Parent Summer School Letter - Caroline County Public Schools

(Tuition Free Summer School Letter)