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Pre-Raphaelite and neo-classic English painter it takes as a starting point the mythology and the literature to represent beautiful young women in bucolic or dreamy attitudes. Very often the death of Ophelia was represented by an young woman at the edge of water gathering flowers. The topic of death is approached indirectly and in way symbolic system.

, The Death of Ophelia, 1853 (Louvre, Paris)

La Mort d'Ophélie (The Death of Ophelia), by Eugène Delacroix, 1853, oil on canvas.

Watery grave: The death of Ophelia as depicted by the artist Millais

Michael: But now it looks like it’s a variation on The Death of Ophelia where the subject is returning the viewer’s gaze. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it adds a classical allusion to the assortment of images implying the death or mutilation of female bodies.

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The death of Ophelia and the death of his mother are other deaths that disturb Hamlet and lead his action to unexpected events. The death of Polonius makes his son Laertes take revenge on Hamlet. From this point Hamlet the revenger has become the revenged, hunter becomes the hunted. From the moment Hamlet knows that his uncle is responsible for the murder of his father, he is planning for his death. In this way, the whole play focuses on the theme of death in one way or another.

The Death of Ophelia - Eugene Delacroix - Delacroix - View image
My teacher gave us the prompt: The death of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet: how and why it matters

The Death of Ophelia, 1844 Giclee Print by Eugene Delacroix

But academics now believe the Bard’s harrowing depiction of the death of Ophelia in Hamlet may be based on a real life family tragedy that occurred when the playwright was just a child.

Eugène Delacroix. The Death of Ophelia - Olga's Gallery

The Death of Ophelia by Eugène Delacroix, 1838 - European Art

This painting “The Death Of Ophelia” will be hand painted by a real artist. No printing or digital techniques will be used. All paintings are painted in the Ocean's Bridge art studios.

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