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The importance of relationships, responsibility to others, the nature of home, respect for old age (candy), the difference between right and wrong, and the evil of oppression and abuse are all popular themes in Of Mice and Men.

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Identify one theme in Of Mice and Men and describe how it appears in the novella.

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The characters in Of Mice and Men are powerless due to various circumstances. For instance, Lennie, although he is employed as a ranch hand due to his physical strength, he is powerless because of his mental disability. George, Candy, and Crooks (although they possess more intellectual power than Lennie) suffer economic powerlessness. Despite the fact that they are optimistic about the future and are motivated, the Depression does not allow them to make enough money. In the end, Lennie, who makes George’s dream of owning his own homestead worthwhile, ironically becomes an obstacle to making that dream a reality! George is essentially a parent to Lennie, and when Lennie causes all the trouble on the ranch, he is faced with a difficult choice. Although now he will not bear the responsibility of supervising Lennie anymore, he lost a valuable part of his dream. Without Lennie, his true companion, his dream is no longer worthwhile and he feels even more powerless.

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A revision video looking at the themes in Of Mice and Men for the GCSE English Literature exam
Themes in Of Mice and Men

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