The main theme of Araby is loss of innocence

The Globe’s showing was extra special. Theatre attendants were dressed in Bedouin costumes. Exotic Arabian perfume was pumped into the theatre during the picture. And, of course, Frank Charlton sang `The Sheik of Araby’, as commemorated here.

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"The Arab's Farewell to his Steed," by Caroline Norton (1808-77), was sopopular that Joyce could count on the association that the reader ofAraby would (consciously or unconsciously) make with the story he isreading: the Arab boy sells for gold coins the thing that he loves themost in the world, his horse. However, as the horse is being led away theboy changes his mind and rushes after the man to return to money andreclaim his love. The final stanza reads:

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James Joyce relates the story of ARABY in an explicit manner. His " characterization being superb and depicted in an excellent manner." The background created for the priests death, the atmosphere of desolation and the negligence of the place, the uncared, untouched objects visible yet unseen, thereby setting up the most appropriate setting for the "charitable Priest" who had left the house to his sister.

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The theme of Araby is how we are blinded by the elaborate fantasies we build in our mind's eye. In the story, the young narrator idealizes Mangan's.

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