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The article that I have selected would be used as a creditable resource if I had to write an academic paper on the topic of adulthood and the transition from childhood to adulthood. I would also consider this to source of information within my research process. It helps as a guide to other articles within the same subject. In this article, I have grasp different way of understand the transition from childhood to adulthood. And the factors in society as to why many chose to hold off on becoming an adult and the contributing choices that we make in our lives to establish social development of adulthood.

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Our objectives:
a) Create a common understanding about what is meant by “transition from childhood to adulthood”.
b) Draw attention to emerging issues that we may come across when working with young people in transition (like ambiguity, our being role models, identity…)
c) Reflect on the way we deal with the 4 dimensions (bio - psycho - social - spiritual) of personal development in our work.
d) Offer space to discover and share tools, ways, activities, methods… to support young people in their transitions.
e) Explore what changes we can make in our work as youth workers to support young people in transition processes.

transition from childhood to adulthood

During the course we would like to deal with the bio - psycho - social - spiritual aspects of the changes / personal development young people go through while moving from childhood to adulthood. We would like to look at our current practices and discover ways to incorporate more consciously all these aspects in our work. Based on the sharing of our previous personal and professional experiences we would like to build up youth workers confidence and understanding of these processes to be more prepared to deal with such changes while working with young people.
We have decided to talk about transition from childhood to adulthood as a way of looking at those young people who are no longer children - and often not yet perceived as adults.
We want to work on incorporating the transition process of teenagers and the teenagers themselves in society in order to make the process more productive, exciting, lively and advantageous for their own lives and for society as a whole.

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Within this article the subject is adulthood and the transitional phases that we go through from childhood into adulthood. The discussion consists of the differences of times in our history when adulthood was considered a rite of passage for children when they were able to work alongside their elders. Through educational advances the transition from childhood to adulthood was given more time throughout the centuries. In this article, it also discusses the social, economic, educational, and how societies play a key role in how generations exhibit identifying markers into adulthood.Option #5: Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.
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Navigating the transition from childhood to adulthood can be complicated. Young people confront numerous important changes at this time, including going off to college, moving away from home, starting a career, establishing friendships and falling in love.

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Gender emerged as an important factor, as the women interviewed are expected to behave in a very circumscribed way and their culture is different from that of the men. This influences their transitions from childhood into adulthood. Obstacles hindering the individual's progression are highlighted as all informants focus on how they are is disadvantaged in terms of fewer career and educational opportunities. Consequently, their life course experiences become indicative of not only a British Asian experience, but specifically a British Asian disabled experience.

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The transition from childhood to adulthood is often a difficult one, requiring an individual to learn independence and responsibility. For children with chronic conditions such as autism, congenital heart disease, diabetes and cystic fibrosis, this transition presents a whole host of other challenges, many related to their medical care and the role their parents play in making decisions. At Brigham and Women’s Family Care Associates at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Drs. Kitty O’Hare and Niraj Sharma specialize in helping young adults with special needs cope with these changes, take charge of their medical care and thrive in the adult world. They are also dedicated to helping other adult primary care providers gain the confidence to take on patients from this often underserved population.